Kwame Brown Torches Shannon Sharpe For Being LeBron James Fanboy

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Seriously, who’s going to give ex-NBA player Kwame Brown his own show?

The former No. 1 overall draft pick, is feuding with “Undisputed” co-host Shannon Sharpe over recent comments made about LeBron James.

After Kwame dropped one of his signature rants, this time calling out LeBron for stat-padding in the Nuggets-Lakers sweep, Sharpe deliberately went after the former Laker by calling him a “bust.”

While the title isn’t new for Kwame, one of the league’s most famed top draft picks that quickly fizzled out, the retired baller did flame Sharpe for being a LeBron fanboy.

Brown not only called Sharpe out for being LeBron’s biggest apologist in the NBA media, outside of Brian Windhorst, but also completely went off on Sharpe for talking smack against someone who actually played the game… a “grown man,” as Brown would put it.

Kwame Brown hit record on his phone Thursday and completely went off. His Shannon impression wasn’t bad either!

It was must-watch TV:

Bust or not, a guy of Kwame Brown’s experience surely knows more about basketball than the ex-Broncos tight end.

Someone Give Kwame Brown A Show!

Brown’s rant made more sense than his emotions on-camera led on.

While LeBron has generally been praised for his 40-point Game 4 performance, The King has been guilty of halting key Lakers runs throughout the series with awful shot selection and poor defensive stamina at age 38.

Sharpe blames LBJ when he deserves it but he also tends to shape it into a positive for the Lakers. The FS1 host wears his LeBron fandom on his sleeve, and he’s finally getting called out for it.

People can fault Kwame Brown for everything he failed to accomplish in the NBA, but his retirement rants are spot-on and hilarious.

The alleged “greatest of all time” NBA player got swept in the playoffs … one side wants to excuse him while the other side of that discussion wants to hold LeBron accountable. Which side are you on?

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