Kliff Kingsbury’s Girlfriend Veronica Bielik Claims She Won’t Be A Distraction For ‘Obsessed’ Coach

Does the presence of Kliff Kingsbury’s Polish Instagram model girlfriend Veronica Bielik in Arizona actually provide an advantage to opponents? That question is on the mind of Cardinals fans, but the Polish social media powerhouse, who is new to the NFL, is assuring fans her curves aren’t throwing Kliff off his game this Sunday as the 4-0 Eagles come to town.

Veronica hopped into the Instagram comment section on one of her recent posts to confront a question on so many minds — Will Kliff spend more time in the sack with Veronica than the film room?

“I’ve never seen anyone more obsessed and focused on his work so they are good [smiley face],” Veronica wrote on the social media app.

Kliff Kingsbury girlfriend answers distraction question

Keep in mind Internet sleuths determind that Veronica spent at least part of the 2021 season at Kliff’s house, but the relationship was kept quiet for some reason. The ball coach was able to squeak out an 11-6 season and a trip to the playoffs where the Cardinals and Kliff were blown out by his buddy Sean McVay and the eventual Super Bowl-champion Rams.

That said, now things are different because Kliff is acknowledging his Polish queen and she’s very open that the relationship is heating up. There was the summer vacation with Kliff and now Veronica is answering questions from Cardinals fans.

There’s danger in taking this relationship to the next level and Veronica responding to Cardinals fans. With the team entering this week as 5 1/2 point underdogs to the Eagles, fans are getting restless with 26-26-1 Kingsbury.

They want to see an over-the-hump game out of this team to know there hasn’t been a regression from last season’s success, especially when Kyler Murray is now sitting on a $230.5 million contract.

It’ll be easy to blame the Instagram model for being a distraction if things go south from here.

Fair warning, Veronica.

“Thankful for whatever left, whatever stayed and whatevers here right now,” she wrote last week during a trip to Sedona.

What’s it mean? No idea. She just needs to be thankful if Kliff can pull off some victories so Cardinals fans don’t run her out of town.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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