Instagram Model Veronica Bielik & Kliff Kingsbury Surface In Croatia

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When Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury told members of the media that “The next month is my time, y’all won’t see me,” what he really meant is that if you want to see him, you’ll need to follow his Polish Instagram model girlfriend Veronica Bielik and check her Instagram Story posts.

“I will be out of the country,” Kingsbury warned the blue checkmarks, “unreachable for any of y’all. I get away for about three weeks and then we’ll get in and start finalizing scripts for training camp.”

It took just a few days to confirm, via Awesemo Sideaction’s sleuth skills, that Kingsbury is enjoying time with his girlfriend Bielik in Croatia.

The two lovebirds were spotted on an island in the Adriatic Sea where they stopped at a restaurant on the tiny Lastovo Island where they enjoyed a romantic dinner at someplace that Bielik raved about.

Bielik, who has been overly careful not to reveal anything about her relationship with the 42-year-old Cardinals football coach, clearly slipped up with a clear shot of Kliff confirming that he’s not only going strong with his Polish Instagram model, he’s so committed to Veronica that he’s spending that precious summer vacation time going off the grid with her.

And before you think that Kingsbury is just into this Instagram model for the summer, let’s not forget that this relationship is so old Kliff called Rams coach Sean McVay years ago looking for two field passes to a Week 17 game at the final L.A. Coliseum game because he wanted Veronica on the field before the game.

Kliff is clearly deep into this relationship and it’s hard to blame the guy. He went straight to the top of the Instagram food chain and seems to be eating just fine.

Good for him. Have some FUN this summer, Kliff.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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