Attention-Hungry Klay Thompson Wants More Credit For His Return From Injury

Klay Thompson is a four-time NBA champion and is set to earn over $40 million this season just from his contract with the Golden State Warriors. Despite his accomplishments, paychecks, and elite ability on the hardwood, he seems to need validation from every human on Earth to be happy.

Thompson has been through a lot, to put it lightly. The five-time All-Star went over 900 days between playing in an actual NBA game due to injuries. Despite even the most casual of NBA fans knowing of Thompson’s injury battles, he himself feels the need to remind everyone about them.

The 32-year-old is now clamoring for people to give him even more credit for what he’s been through and accomplished.

“I feel like I deserve more credit for battling through all that injury sh-t,” Thompson told NBC Sports after the Warriors’ loss to the Sacramento Kings on Sunday night.

“I helped a team win a championship last year, and people still want to discredit what you do.”

Klay Thompson is averaging 14.7 points per game this season for the Warriors. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Klay Thompson Is Constantly In His Feelings

It would be tough to find one single person who is discrediting Thompson for his injury journey and accomplishments on the court, especially after last year’s championship run.

A handful of trolls are clearly getting to Thompson’s head and his response is turning him into the softest, whiniest, most unlikable player in all of the NBA.

Thompson’s most recent comments come just a few weeks removed from another one of his soap operas, this one involving Charles Barkley.

Barkley simply explained that Thompson hasn’t looked like the same player he once did, and the Golden State guard got all up in his feelings.

“It hurts when someone like Charles Barkley, with the platform he has, says you’re not the same player as prior to the injuries you had. It’s like, no duh, man.” Thompson said. “I tore my ACL and my Achilles in consecutive years and still helped a team win a championship. I mean, that hurt hearing that.”

The Warriors’ 0-7 record on the road this season is clearly adding to Thompson’s frustrations, but his never-ending quest for people to hype him up has officially gotten exhausting.

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