Kirk Herbstreit Gives Perfect ‘Hot Mic’ Moment While Talking About Caleb Williams

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Kirk Herbstreit started the season on College GameDay with a perfect hot mic moment, and it appears to have come full circle. This time, the ESPN analyst was talking about USC QB Caleb Williams when he seemingly forgot where he was for one unfortunate second.

“You learn to clean that sh*t up…” Herbie says before letting his voice trail off.

Love it. There is absolutely nothing better than hot mic cussing on TV, and Herbie nails it every single time.

Earlier this year, the longtime college football analyst couldn’t contain his excitement for the start of the season and uttered that same four-letter word not meant for viewers like me and you!

Kirk Herbstreit is a big fan of one word on College GameDay

Kirk Herbstreit is a BIG “sh*t” guy. Who knew? We all have our go-to cuss words, and that’s Kirk’s. It’s a solid one to choose, too. Always a crowd-pleaser.

Anyway, Kirk and the fellas were talking about Caleb Williams and his NSFW painted nails when Kirk apparently forget he was on College GameDay and NOT the Pat McAfee show, and everyone got a kick out of it.

Caleb Williams.
Kirk Herbstreit gets a little too carried away on ESPN College GameDay talking about Caleb Williams. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

PS: LOVE how Herbie immediately starts crossing things off his notepad in front of him to try and act busy while everyone’s laughing at him. Classic move right there. Just put your head down and hope nobody noticed.

PPS: Love Herbie, but NOTHING will top this Lee Corso gem from back in the day. Still gets me every time.

Written by Zach Dean

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