One Embarrassing Stat Shows The Pathetic State Of Iowa Football

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Iowa’s offense is an absolute joke.

The Hawkeyes got manhandled 54-10 by Ohio State Saturday, and the team has now gone eight consecutive quarters without an offensive touchdown. That’s simply a mind-boggling and unbelievable stat.

The last offensive touchdown came October 1 against Michigan. The Des Moines Register reported the team has gone 28 straight possessions without scoring a touchdown. How is that even possible for a major division one football team?

Yet, Kirk Ferentz continues to make it clear he has no interest in firing his son Brian, who is the team’s OC.

Iowa has an embarrassingly bad offense. (Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images)

Iowa looked unbelievably bad against Ohio State.

In the blowout loss against Ohio State, the team passed for a total of 81 yards and three interceptions. Things were just as ugly on the ground as the team finished with a blistering 77 rushing yards. Well, Kirk isn’t ready to pull the plug on his son’s time as the team’s OC.

“I answered that question two weeks ago. I’ve never done that (replaced an OC midseason) in my career and I don’t plan on starting right now. Our approach has always been to address what’s out there and see what we can do to improve and its been pretty consistent for almost 24 years now. That’s the plan moving forward. It’s been fairly successful,” Ferentz told the media, according to Eleven Warriors.

When asked if his son is doing what he wants, the Iowa coach added, “Nobody does everything perfect. I’ve never been in that situation. Certainly you don’t always play perfect or coach perfect but I think we have a good offensive staff, we’ve got good leadership and we’re going to keep pushing forward.”

Again, Iowa has gone eight straight quarters without an offensive TD. Let’s keep that in mind above all else after reading Ferentz’s comments.

Iowa played terribly against Ohio State. (Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

You almost have to respect Kirk Ferentz. Despite overwhelming evidence his son has no idea what he’s doing, he just refuses to get rid of him. Loyalty to family above all else must run strong in the Ferentz household. With the Hawkeyes sitting at 3-4 and being comically bad at offense, it’s more than fair for fans to revolt. People simply deserve much better.

Written by David Hookstead

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