Kid Rock Donates To Marine Vet Daniel Penny’s Defense Fund After Arrest For Restraining Jordan Neely On NYC Subway

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Kid Rock opened his wallet to help Daniel Penny beat a manslaughter charge.

Penny, a Marine veteran, was charged with second-degree manslaughter last week after he put Jordan Neely in a headlock after the man allegedly threatened people on the New York City subway. Neely died following being restrained.

The arrest has sparked massive outrage across America. Many people see the video of Neely being taken down and see a group of civilians stepping up to protect strangers. Alvin Bragg’s office apparently sees a crime.

Daniel Penny faces a second degree manslaughter charge after restraining Jordan Neely on an NYC subway. (Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

More than $2.1 million has poured in for Penny’s defense fund, and that includes $5,000 from the “American Badass” singer. Fox News confirmed the donation listed under Kid Rock’s name is real.

“Mr. Penny is a hero. Alvin Bragg is a POS. Kid Rock,” the rocker wrote.

Kid Rock donates $5,000 to Daniel Penny’s defense fund. (Credit:

There are also large donations under the names of Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and popular podcaster Tim Pool.

Florida governor and likely Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis also voiced support for Daniel Penny following his arrest.

Penny has received support from all across America.

Daniel Penny faces a serious criminal charge in New York that carries a penalty up to 15 years in prison.

However, he’s definitely not facing it alone. Support has poured in from all over the country, and it’s not hard to understand. Despite the antics from AOC and others, it seems like rational people can see the situation for what it is.

The videos circulating social media of the event make it clear Penny thought he had no choice but to intervene and restrain Neely. Assistant District Attorney Joshua Steinglass even admitted in court that “several witnesses observed Mr. Neely making threats and scaring passengers.”

Neely also had a violent past that included dozens of arrests. In 2021, Neely broke an elderly woman’s nose and orbital bone as she left the Bowery station in the East Village, according to Fox News.

Daniel Penny receives plenty of support after being arrested for restraining Jordan Neely. (Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

Penny didn’t wait to see if he would inflict damage on others before intervening, and the state of New York now wants to lock him up. Kid Rock and others seem hell-bent on helping him out. If Penny goes to prison, one must wonder if criminals will become even more empowered. It’s an incredibly scary and chilling situation.

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