Kevin Durant Fell In The Silliest Way Possible, Out For Weeks

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For the first time in a long time, Anthony Davis isn’t the most injury-prone superstar in the NBA. This time, it’s Kevin Durant.

KD has some of the worst luck in the NBA.

Bad Times Roll For Kevin Durant

Fresh off missing 20 games due to a knee injury and after only three games played for his new team, Durant’s back on the injury report. And by the looks of it, he may not play another game this regular season.

NBA Analyst Says Kevin Durant Needs To Get Married
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The injury came Wednesday night during warmups for a Suns home game, KD’s first time playing for the Phoenix crowd.

Durant went for a routine layup, slipped on his left side before jumping and rolled his ankle hard enough to be ruled inactive for the contest against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Add sound bites and a laugh track to the Kevin Durant video and you’ve got an “America’s Funniest Home Videos” submission on your hands.


It’s not all laughs at the end of the day. Early word on the injury is that Durant suffered a Grade 2 ankle sprain, which requires at least a month for recovery.

With Phoenix’s final 16-game stretch lasting until Apr. 9 (a season finale against the Clippers), expectations already lean toward KD missing the rest of the season, with the potential to return for the first round of the playoffs.

Durant can’t catch a break since leaving the abysmal Brooklyn Nets before the trade deadline last month.

The Suns have been 3-0 in KD’s debut. Durant scored 37 points against the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday, proving that when he’s healthy (or if he’s healthy), KD can still make a case for the best player on the planet. Or on the bench.

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  1. O’ For Heaven Sakes … the short white “biscuit boy” on the end of UNC’s Hubert Davis’ bench has had more PT this year than Zion and Durant combined …. and he gets paid “3 hots & a cot”.

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