Like Cowards, ESPN Fires Kelly Stewart Over Old Tweets

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Kelly Stewart, known as Kelly in Vegas, announced Friday that ESPN has terminated her contract over tweets she sent in 2012:

The tweets that did it — which we will not direct attention to as the cancel culture promoting losers want — showed Stewart in 2012 using homophobic language. That, however, isn’t the story. As per usual, the origin of the outrage that led to one losing their job didn’t stem from actual outrage.

The Twitter users who made a fuss, tagging ESPN and several of ESPN’s far-left on-air talents, are not offended by Stewart’s nine-year-old tweets. They saw an opportunity. An opportunity to matter. An opportunity to have their voices heard.

If you consume a long list of the world’s most known dictators, you’ll read that each shared a common trait: a starving hunger to matter. Look at the country’s most famous athletes, politicians, entrepreneurs, and celebrities. As each of their profiles grew, they sought power not just over themselves, but of their followers and detractors. This isn’t puzzling. By nature, we all want to have our actions lead to results, our voices heard. That’s not exclusive to public figures, cancel culture proves that.

Call it cancel culture, call it life-ruining, it’s a movement to make those most dissatisfied with their own lives feel important.

The blueprint is simple: yell (tweet) loud enough, use words like “racist” and “homophobic,” and your outrage could also make a difference. Thus, the death of many careers over old social media posts.

Once ESPN announced Stewart as a hire, Twitter users instinctively searched for old tweets that could bring her down. How pathetic is that? Very.

Ever wonder why old tweets emerge the moment an athlete is drafted to the NFL? Why at one’s brightest moment so much negativity follows? It’s not about the targets, it never has been.

As I say, those who are quietly most ashamed of their past are found at the forefront of the cancel culture movement, a self-serving quest to ruin lives. They don’t stop. Their pasts can’t be erased so they proactively try to erase your future.

If we are taking wagers, I’d bet a large amount of money that those bringing up Stewart’s past tweets have a shameful history of their own. A history of tweets and comments far worse than Stewart’s. Because in their minds, pretending to care eases their own guilt.

Look no further than Teen Vogue’s Christine Davitt. Following Teen Vogue hiring Alexi McCammond, 27, as its new editor-in-chief, Davitt authored a letter to the company’s CEO complaining that McCammond sent racist tweets during her teen years. McCammond was soon let go. It turned out, Davitt — chief among the outraged — had a long history of tweeting the n-word. Hmmm.

Stewart should not have used the language she did nine years ago. But she did, now what? Does this mean she should never be able to work again?

What about the mistakes that still-employed ESPN’s talents have made? Notably, Mark Jones who in 2021 (not 2012) celebrated someone dying of lung cancer? Oh, that’s right, he got promoted. 

Here’s the truth: if you dig deep enough, talk to enough people, and think hard enough — you’ll find regrettable moments. Pick a person, any person, the moments are there.

The story isn’t about Kelly Stewart. The story is that yet another major corporation was influenced by faceless, nameless vultures who serve only one purpose.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest media topics as well as trending sports, cultural and political stories.

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcast and radio stations.

Previously, Burack was a writer at The Big Lead where he covered similar topics. He also hosted an eponymous podcast where he interviewed several personalities such as Joe Tessitore, and Adam Schefter.


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  1. Besides some good sporting events, there is nothing on ESPN worth watching. I used to go to the gym at lunch every and watch Golic; when I was late or early, or went before or after work, the shows were literally shit, crap, mindless tripe for idiots. I think the new model for networks such as CNN and ESPN is low cost, low numbers. The people on these shows are blithering idiots.

  2. Clay already tweeted to Kelly “you belong at OutKick any way”. Win/Win. Fox Sports should then have Kelly immediately replace Rachel Bonnetta. I used to watch the show every day. Bonnetta made it unwatchable to me with her bratty and dismissive attitude towards Clay. Tried watching the other day when Clay’s radio gig just announced. Bonnetta so flustered with jealousy she flubbed the opening not even saying Clay’s name. I immediately turned it off.

  3. I had to look up the old tweets for context.

    *NOTE* she called some Twitter trolls with 17 followers “fags” in 2012

    Not any one person in the history of man has not called one of their straight friends or adversaries a fag. Implying a straight person sucks dick is up there on the scale of edgy burns to say to a straight person. If you’re bullying an actual openly gay person that is a different story. only difference here is a paper trail. This is a nothing-burger.

  4. Everybody should be forced to watch the South Park episode where the word FAG is redefined to mean an obnoxious Harley rider. Tie these leftists down in the chair and pry their eyes open with toothpicks and force them to watch LOL. BTW, the word FAG comes from ‘fasces’, which also birthed the word ‘fascist’.

    So basically, faggots are fascists.

  5. Maybe she should have tweeted, “Here is your apology” with a shot of her middle fingers being raised defiantly.

    There are multiple definitions for the word she used. It seems to me she was using the definition: “mean-spirited, cowardly moron.”

    On the hate scale, it is low compared to the stuff Mark Jones spews.

  6. We need to quit calling it cancel culture and call it correctly: ‘Career assassination’

    Who cares if she mocked gays. Getting hu mp ‘d by men is nothing to be proud of quite frankly. Call me a bigot if you want…. I’m a grown man I don’t care lol. It’s too late 😂

  7. So what, she was going to work for far left propaganda pushers in ESPN. That means one of two things: she’s a far left propagandist herself and buys into their crap meaning she’s a victim of them eating their own(which should always be celebrated and not lamented), or she was a moderate or right winger whoring herself out to help the leftist propaganda push. If it’s option two and she’s a sell out she’d be perfect for Outkick.

  8. Stop calling it “cancel culture” That is just weak.
    Call it “Red Guard” culture.

    Instead of bitching about it which will only reinforce the lefts feeling of superiority. Start using it against their sacred cows.

    Mao did not stop the Red Guard until they began to go after people he liked. That is how they operate. If the right starts cancelling out leftist then “cancel culture” will be redefined as; racist, sexist and, homophobic.

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