Teen Vogue Staffer Who Encouraged Alexi McCammond’s Ousting Caught Tweet N-Word

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Those who are quietly most ashamed of their past are found at the forefront of the cancel culture movement, a self-serving quest to ruin careers and lives.

Immediately after Teen Vogue hired Alexi McCammond, 27, as the new editor-in-chief, decade-old racist and homophobic tweets McCammond wrote as a teenager surfaced, for which she apologized. McCammond ultimately resigned after Teen Vogue staffers wrote intimidating letters to company CEO Roger Lynch.

Christine Davitt, a senior social media manager at Teen Vogue, was among the miserable staffers who authored a letter, a staffer who spent her past tweeting out the n-word. Uh, what?

Here’s Christine Davitt, who claimed McCammond shouldn’t have a job because of her too racist teenage years, via Fox News:

At the time of reporting, Davitt had not deleted the tweets but switched her account from public to private.

For what it’s worth — and to Twitter, everything — Davitt says she is of mixed Irish and Filipino descent.

Less than one hour after McCammond announced she would not join Teen Vogue as editor-in-chief, Davitt celebrated that she helped ruin the young woman’s life:

“‘[Exhales the deepest sigh I’ve ever sighed],” Davitt tweets.

Deepest sigh ever, huh?

“So proud of my @teenvogue colleagues,” Davitt goes on. “The work continues…”

Ahh, yes, the work continues.

The successful attempt to wreck McCammond’s career at her brightest moment is sickening, a word that also describes Davitt’s character. Did Davitt forget her past while calling for McCammond’s ousting, or was she hoping it’d cover up her own history? If one joins Team Cancel Culture, they can’t be fired themselves, right?

I am not calling for Davitt to be fired for tweets from 2009, but if McCammond had to go in part because of Davitt’s letter, these devious cowards have questions to answer.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. I can’t stand people who take pleasure in destroying the lives of others. The whole “woke movement” seems like it’s equal parts cowards, useful idiots, and people like this Davitt person who take pleasure in destroying others.

  2. A lot of stupid stuff is said but I am not for censorship or people losing their jobs its called free speech no matter how dumb and ignorant and it’s not canceling its censorship that word is more powerful and relevant.

  3. Leftists are quite often run by destructive passions. It’s why they’ll be just as racist or vulgar as the people they think are their enemies and also try to accuse or destroy others when they do the same thing.

    • I’d like to see a legit psycho-analysis of a leftist, liberal progressive canceler…unfortunately, 90% of the psycho-analyzers are probably leftist, liberal progressives so the world may never know why they are truly so effed up

  4. ‘For what it’s worth — and to Twitter, everything — Davitt says she is of mixed Irish and Filipino descent.’

    Lemme check the n word pass guidelines….nope not it.

  5. OK Bobby let me smarten you up a bit here dude first look up the word phobia in the dictionary you’ll find it means an unnatural fear of something just because someone does not agree with that lifestyle does not mean they have a phobia or are homophobic your welcome.

  6. And let’s not forget that Teen Vogue is hardly a bastion of journalistic integrity. it’s the oily rag that has run an article, for instance, teaching young girls about the ins and outs (sorry, could not resist) of anal sex.

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