Kelly Stafford, Wife Of Rams QB, Criticizes Media For Spreading Cancer Rumor

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Kelly Stafford, wife of Rams QB Matthew Stafford, blew up on the media for taking off with a cancer story after she recently made comments on her health.

The 34-year-old shared on her podcast, “The Morning After with Kelly Stafford,” that she was experiencing stomach issues and that ‘naturally,’ she assumed it was cancer.

Kelly Stafford Claps Back At Media

“I feel like my stomach’s not great. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking I have cancer,” Kelly said.

Solely based on her use of the C-word, media outlets reported that Kelly Stafford was diagnosed with cancer.

There’s no doubt that the media ran with that one.

She posted a direct address toward the cancer rumors on her social media on Monday. Kelly angrily cleared the air on her cancer comments while blasting the media for running fake news.

In an all-black square with emphatic font, the QB wifey and ex-Bulldogs cheerleader blasted the rumor.

“There is a bunch circulating right now and want to reiterate that I DO NOT HAVE CANCER,” Kelly said in the post.

In 2019, Kelly Stafford had a benign brain tumor removed.

The caption added, “And to you so called journalists out there, be better. And stop using me as clickbait because nfl camp is starting back.”

The incendiary comments showcased how ticked off Kelly Stafford got for the misconstrued narrative.

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Truthfully, Stafford had fair critiques of the fake news. Several big-name outlets took off with the cancer news. It’s safe to admit that the media was off the mark.

It’s the second uncanny blunder by the NFL media in the past 48 hours, so she may not be all that off on her critique.

Hell hath no fury like Kelly Stafford’s scorn toward the NFL media.

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