Max Kellerman Can Lower His Antenna, Three White Guys Didn’t Go 1-2-3

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ESPN’s Max Kellerman revealed this week that he had a great fear that the NFL Draft might go “white guy, white guy, white guy.” Kellerman said his “antenna was up” as this daunting possibility could become a reality. 

Luckily, Kellerman and his co-workers can now breathe a sigh of relief. Trey Lance was selected third overall to end the nightmare scenario that would’ve been three white guys going 1-3 in the draft.

The good thing is, when one says something as dumb as Kellerman did, the internet turns around and roasts them pretty good.

Here are some of the best dunks in Kellerman’s face. Enjoy:

I’m just glad Kellerman is now able to lower his antenna.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Well I’m glad he can sleep knowing that racism lost tonight.

    But has anybody ever asked Max if he stopped beating his wife yet?

    (look up that history on the guy)

  2. Major props to the Bears making that trade to get Justin Fields. By ensuring he’ll be a mediocre NFL QB…that will make Max’s dumb take look even worse.

  3. While we dodged a bullet last night, the threat of White Guy x 3 is still out there. Goodell should work with the rules committee to ensure 3 white guys can’t be drafted in a row at any point in the draft. I also think all websites that host fantasy sports build in that restriction as well.

    The NFL is leading the way. My eyes are on the NHL. You’re next. #ACCOUNTABILITY

  4. Oh, he’s still spiking the football. Max believes that he caused the National discussion and prevented a travesty. Also, all the twits in the Twittersphere who took a second to support Max believe their meager activism added to their anti-racism rewards account. So a question (and follow-up) needs to be asked of the SF GM: Did woke activism influence your draft decision? (Just to be clear, you are saying, categorically, that Max K or any woke-variety simpleton with a Twitter account had no bearing on your Draft decision, correct?)

  5. What a “Twilight Zone” universe this is where a dude like Kellerman can continually and consistently make make dumb comments and STILL keep a job doing what he does. Is this not a market based economy? I can’t believe the market for being this dumb and boring is paying the bills for Disney. Is his dad the ESPN president? Does he have blackmail on some high level execs? Other than providing fodder for about an hour worth of mockery on this web site and Twitter, what value do his opinions have for those who work for a living? Again, his takes are boring and dumb…I presume he will keep his job as long as his uncle or dad or whatever, is leading the troops at ABC or Disney

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