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Max Kellerman Worries That the Draft Might go ‘White Guy, White Guy, White Guy’

ESPN began the week by lying to its readers when it published a column accusing the NFL of racism against black quarterbacks. Some random Undefeated guy, Martenzie Johnson, even printed this ludicrous line: “The NFL is trying to keep the position as white as the painted yard lines on the field.” It was therefore no surprise that ESPN’s on-air personalities, including social justice warrior Max Kellerman, spread the same lie on TV. Kellerman dishonestly claimed that only black quarterbacks slip in the draft. In a rant phony enough for SNL, Kellerman let the world know it is on his “radar” that the draft might go “white guy, white guy, white guy.” .@maxkellerman has his "antenna up" regarding Justin Fields sliding in mock drafts. "What I've noticed in recent years, after decades of artificial barriers being put in place for Black QBs … that Black QBs tend to fall pre-draft." — First Take (@FirstTake) April 26, 2021 Got that? Kellerman’s antenna is up. Did Kellerman have any issue with the 2011 draft that went black guy, black guy, black guy? Or the 2015 draft, which went non-white guy, non-white guy, non-white guy? Should the NFL make the latter mandatory to […]



Written by Bobby Burack

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