Keith Hernandez-Phillies Beef Continues With Philadelphia Broadcast’s New Graphic

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The Philadelphia Phillies broadcast team had an answer to New York Mets commentator Keith Hernandez’s comments that he hates calling games between the Phillies and Mets.

Anyone and everyone associated with the Phillies took umbrage with the comment, and Hernandez’s earlier barb directed at Philadelphia’s bad defense. NBC Sports Philadelphia responded by creating a fresh graphic for plays that are especially fundamentally sound.

Now plays that are prime examples of sound fundamentals receive the Keith Hernandez Fundamental Play stamp of approval.

It was just the latest salvo in the great Hernandez-Philadelphia War of ’22, which has been raging for more than a week and a half.

Keith Hernandez Made His Feelings On The Phillies Clear

It started when Hernandez mentioned he was scheduled to miss a pair of series with the Phils. One was because he would be in St. Louis to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Cardinals’ 1982 World Series victory.

As for why he is missing the second series…

“I’ve expressed to the front office — not the Mets front office, our front office at SNY — that I hate doing Phillies games. So I guess they gave me the series off,” Hernandez said earlier this month 

“As far as fundamentally, defensively, the Phillies have always been just, you know, not up to it,” Hernandez said earlier this month.

Mets commentator Keith Hernandez. (Getty Images)

Philadelphia play-by-play announcer Tom McCarthy chalked it up to Hernandez getting “hit with too many loogies” and having a mailman yelling “pretty boy” at him. That’s a pair of solid references to the former Mets’ famous guest spot on Seinfeld.

Nonetheless, they sailed straight over John Kruk’s head, who turned out to not be a Seinfeld guy.

The two NL East rivals will meet this weekend. However, it’s a safe bet that Hernandez won’t have a change of heart about calling the series.

Not even after seeing those sweet, sweet Hernandez-approved fundamentals.

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