It’s Possible John Kruk Has Never Seen An Episode Of ‘Seinfeld,’ Has No Idea Who ‘The Woman’ In The Show Is

‘Seinfeld’ is one of the few shows ever made that you don’t have to really watch, or even enjoy, to know the names of the main characters. I’d put ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Friends’ in that same category as well. Former Philadelphia Phillies’ great turned broadcaster John Kruk wouldn’t agree with that statement, at least not when it comes to ‘Seinfeld.’

During a recent Phillies broadcast, Keith Hernandez came up in conversation. Hernandez is now an analyst for the New York Mets, but anytime his name comes up a mention of his guest appearances in ‘Seinfeld’ are typically quick to follow.

Philles play-by-play man Tom McCarthy made a reference to the show, specifically when Newman calls Hernandez “pretty boy” and Kruk had no clue what he was talking about.


“I think he spent most of his career catching flack from opposing fans,” McCarthy said of Hernandez. “I mean he had mailmen screaming ‘pretty boy’ at him all the time.”

Kruk quickly asked “who?” in a concerning tone.

“Newman, from ‘Seinfeld,'” McCarthy said, to which Kruk replied back with “I know I’m gonna get a lot of junk for this,” admitting that he doesn’t watch the show.

Then the dagger came when Kruk asks “didn’t he date the woman?”

Nobody who has watched more than three minutes of ‘Seinfeld’ refers to Elaine Benes as “the woman.”

What’s so wild about Kruk clearly not knowing one thing about the show is that he’s 61-years-old. We’re not talking about someone in their 20s here, Kruk was very much around when ‘Seinfeld’ was the biggest show on television.

I get that there are people with zero taste or appetite for comedy who don’t like ‘Seinfeld,’ but this is embarrassing from Kruk.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. I could never get into Seinfeld or Friends. However I can pretty much quote every word of every episode of King of the hill. I guess I can relate more to guys standing in a yard drinking beer and talking about absolutely nothing more than grown adults sharing an apartment and working at coffee shops…

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