You Be the Judge: Al Jazeera Reporter Says She Didn’t Call Kayleigh McAnany a ‘Lying Bitch’

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Drama is emerging from White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s news briefing Tuesday. Reporter Kimberly Halkett got into a heated exchange with McEnany. At the end, after not getting another question in, Twitter concluded Halkett called McEnany a “lying bitch.”

Here’s the audio:

Halkett quickly pushed back on social media saying she did not call her a “lying bitch.” She claimed to instead say, “Okay, you don’t want to engage.”

“Thanks for asking @charliespiering … there’s a lot of misreporting out there about that briefing,”  Halkett tweeted. “The answer to your question is, I DID NOT. What I said was, “OKAY, YOU DON’T WANT TO ENGAGE.”

Here are the few seconds in question, again:


You be the judge.

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  1. Another good reason to get rid of masks in these public situations.

    Wearing a mask invites this kind of behavior. It’s very similar to the ‘why’ people wear huge sunglasses; so they can stare at hot ladies and boobs (and not get caught)

    The Al Caeda reporter is clearly saying what you can hear her say. All that is missing is the heavy ‘sigh’ and ‘humpf’ noises as she rolls her eyes.

    Back to your cave babe.

  2. Honestly, it sounds like it could go either way. When I listened for “you’re a lying bitch,” it sounded like she said the same. But when I listened for “ok, you don’t want to engage,” it also sounded like she said the same. Body language is appropriate for either statement.

    I bet this is essentially a Yanny/Laurel situation.

  3. Sounds like it to me. And all of this has only been in Vogue since Trump’s election.

    Nothing is off limits in their relentless crusade to destroy Trump. Nothing! The media has now embraced its bias. It’s open warfare on anyone who even remotely defends the administration on any issue. I mean let’s face it the MSM has defended Al Baghdadi, Communist China, and MS-13 members over the President

    So this Al Jazeera loser calling her a ” lying bitch” is no surprise. It’ll likely garner her hero status among most of her peers.

    Truly sad state we’re in .

  4. Put on the headphones, people, and you will hear loud and clear that the pathetic Al Jazeera journalist Kimberly Halkett calling the WH press secretary a “Lyin’ Bitch”. Should get fired but coming from an Al Jazeera journalist, you can tell both Al Jazeera and the pathentic M.s Halkett deserves each other.

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