Kanye West Goes on Tucker Carlson, Says Media Has ‘Godless Agenda,’ Discusses Being Pro-Life and Supporting Trump

Kanye West has become significantly more open about his political views in recent years.

His willingness to discuss his faith and disagreement with consensus liberal opinion has caused controversy in major media outlets and led to criticism from those who believe he should toe the woke cultural line.

One of the world’s most popular musicians also recently made news recently for wearing a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt at a fashion show.

It’s hard to imagine going further away from acceptable cultural liberalism than calling Black Lives Matter a “scam.”

Now, West is making even more news by appearing with the left’s least-favorite television show host, Tucker Carlson.

The entire interview is must-watch, but West made several comments that will undoubtedly make him even less popular with mainstream media outlets.

Kanye: Media Isn’t Your Friend

He explained to Carlson that “we are in a battle with the media,” and that they have a “Godless agenda.”

West is, of course, entirely correct that the media does have an agenda, and that they are in a battle with most of the country.

The media blackout on the Hunter Biden laptop story, which could quite possibly have swung the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden, is just one example of how they protect their ideological allies.

Their promotion of the Russia collusion hoax is another, while their unwillingness to condemn demonstrations at private homes after the Roe v Wade leak and their promotion of abortion shows how much contempt they have for religious values.

Kanye’s Pro-Life Stance

Kanye also opened up about being pro-life to Tucker Carlson, saying that he wears a lanyard with an ultrasound photo because it “represents life.”

West rightfully said he doesn’t care how people respond to his message on abortion, that he’s more concerned about the statistics regarding abortion.

Instead of being concerned about people’s responses, West stated that he performs for an “audience of one, and that’s God.”

Supporting Trump

He also went into further detail on his support for former President Donald Trump and what that’s meant for him personally.

Unsurprisingly, Kanye has been attacked for openly supporting Trump and warned that his safety could be jeopardized if he wore the “White Lives Matter” t-shirt.

Hopefully those threats don’t actually come to fruition, but given the anger that many of the left have towards different opinions, it’s not out of the question that he could legitimately be targeted.

For someone with his level of fame, speaking out in support of Trump, openly discussing faith and other non-woke stances is incredibly difficult.

As he mentions, his handlers and advisors warned him against it, due to the immense pressure from media outlets and enforcers of liberal cultural hegemony to conform to their beliefs.

West’s public views take an incredible amount of bravery and courage, and hopefully serve as an example to other public figures that it’s more important to stand up for what you believe in than to cower behind repeating whatever everyone else says.

Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, ice cream expert and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, eating as much pizza as humanly possible, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter.

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