Kansas City Chiefs Fan Polishes Off Boot Beer

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Kansas City’s currently out in front of the Seahawks and their fans are celebrating accordingly. And by accordingly, I mean housing boot beers in front of 70,000 of your closest friends.

During the first half of this afternoon’s game, video surfaced of a shirtless Kansas City fan drinking up his team’s success. He did so in the least-tastiest way possible. There’s no sign of what exactly the upper decker drinker guzzled down, even though his buddy’s holding onto a Bud Light can.

That said, I would think it has to be one of two options. Before going bottom’s up the Chiefs fan can be seen pouring something from a silver can into his boot. So I’m guessing he tapped the Rockies and treated himself to a little Coors Light. Either that, or he snuck some egg nog into his boot to keep things as festive as possible.

Check out the Kansas City boot brew disappear faster than Geno Smith’s MVP hopes in the tweet below.

Kansas City Leads The AFC West

It’s easy to see why the Chiefs fan was in such a happy (or is it hoppy?) mood. KC dominated the first half of the Christmas Eve matchup, thanks to two Patrick Mahomes touchdown passes. Harrison Butker added a 47-yard field goal which put the Chiefs ahead of Seattle 17-0. Seattle added a field goal of their own before the half to momentarily stop the bleeding.

As impressive – and gross – as the boot beer was, he should’ve chased it with a Mr. Goodbar. This is the preferred treat of Chiefs coach Andy Reid and would be a unique way to pay homage to the Chiefs’ fearless leader.

Drink it up Chiefs fans, it looks like you’re on your way to another lengthy postseason run.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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