Julio Rodriguez Fools Everyone, Including The Mariners’ Broadcast, With Epic Home Run Robbery

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While Julio Rodriguez garners everyone’s attention each time he steps into the batter’s box, his ability out in centerfield also helps his case for being the most exciting player in all of baseball. During Tuesday’s showdown against the San Diego Padres, it was what Rodriguez did after a catch that had everyone talking.

Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a shot to dead center during the top of the fourth inning, and while it looked destined to carry the wall, Rodriguez had different plans for the ball.

The 22-year-old jumped above the wall, but in real-time it seemed like he missed on the attempted home run robbery. Even the first thing out of the Seattle broadcaster’s mouth after the play was “he did not get it.”

What if I told you that he did get it. Rodriguez held the ball in his glove for a few seconds before showing it off to the crowd and broadcast.

When you think about it, this move from Rodriguez is actually pretty cruel for pitcher Logan Gilbert who looked disgusted that he had just given up a home run. But hey, Rodriguez is a showman, this is what he does.

On top of robbing a home run on Tuesday, Rodriguez went 2-for-4 at the plate and helped lead the Mariners to a 2-0 win to extend the team’s winning streak to six games.

Written by Mark Harris

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