JT Realmuto Hilariously Ejected By Umpire Who Clearly Has Self-Esteem Issues

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Major League Baseball umpire Randy Rosenberg is clearly having some problems at home, and he took it out on Phillies catcher JT Realmuto in the funniest/saddest way possible.

During Monday’s Phillies-Blue Jays spring training game, Realmuto reached back with his glove to get a ball from Rosenberg, but instead played an accidental game of hot potato and got tossed to the moon by angry Randy.

Not sure I’ve ever seen something like it.

JT Realmuto ejected by umpire Randy Rosenberg

Hilarious. What just happened? There HAS to be more to the story, right? No chance Randy tossed JT Realmuto for that.

And if there isn’t more to the story, this cat immediately joins Angel Hernandez as softest umpires in the world.

Upon listening to the broadcast, it appears Randy had been throwing balls to the pitchers himself, which makes this that much worse, too. Here’s a little Inside Baseball for everyone out there …

I was a catcher for 15 years — true story. Started in Little League back when it was actually a thing, did it throughout high school and college. Guess what? If my umpire had been throwing the ball back to the pitcher all day, I would have done the same thing.

Pretty clear precedent set, don’t you think?

JT Realmuto ejected.
JT Realmuto got the boot!

As a former catcher, I can also tell you that we spend all game BSing with the umpire. Sort of in the job description, especially if you’re gonna snag a call or two later in the game. Generally, you try your damndest to stay on their good side.

Which makes me think that there HAD to be something else said before this, right? I hope for Randy’s sake there was, because if this was a one-off he needs to be kicked to the curb before the ninth inning.

PS: not a great look for all the anti-robo ump crowd, either.

Written by Zach Dean

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