Joy Reid Blames Election Results on ‘Racism, Anti-Blackness, Anti-Wokeness’

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Though Joe Biden is in a strong position to win the election, it’s not good enough for MSNBC. Radical hosts Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow are disgusted it’s not a blowout and the blue tsunami that they had promised their viewers.

Reid attempted to explain the closeness of the election in the only way she knows how — by baselessly calling everyone who disagrees with her racist.

“I think even though we intellectually understand what America is at its base, right? That there is a great amount of racism, anti-blackness, anti-wokeness, this idea that political correctness is some sort of scheme to destroy white America, right? Like, we know what this country is, but still part of you — I think part of your heart says, ‘You know what, maybe the country’s going to pay off all of this pain,’” Reid said.

“As the night went on, and I realized, and it sunk in, OK that’s not happening. We are still who we thought, unfortunately,” Reid went on. “It’s disappointing. I emerge from this disappointed.”

To be clear, according to Reid, because the race is not a landslide victory for Joe Biden, America is “racist,” “anti-black,” and “anti-woke.”

You got that? If you don’t subscribe to one of the most dangerous people on TV, you are a bad person. You should be ashamed to think for yourself and not do as you’re told.

It has been quite the week for Joy Reid, beginning with her gross “Uncle Clarence” statement. We can’t blame Reid fully. MSNBC rewards Reid’s conspiracy-level behavior.

The network’s decision to place Reid on the election desk explains why it got crushed by both Fox News and CNN in the ratings.

I mean, what did MSNBC expect?

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. The only racist and anti-black people I’ve seen in the last year are the ones rioting in the streets, the celebrities telling black people they are not allowed to vote for anyone who is not a Democrat, Joe Biden, and political hacks like Joy Reid calling anyone who disagrees with her an Uncle Tom.

  2. We have a divisiveness problem in the US and the media gives bullhorns to someone like her to spread more division.

    It’s the same thing with IG models and NFL wives on social media.

  3. Joy Reid needs to take a deep breath and relax a bit. Mabey a spa weekend away with her significant other would help. Oh that’s right Covid might kill her dead in the streets or a Trump supporter would spot her and … never mind. Keep spewing hate.

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