Joy Reid is Confused, Doesn’t Know What 538 Means

Have you ever taken your car to a mechanic, then found out he knows less about changing brakes than you? That’s the equivalent of the average American voter watching MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

Reid is so confused, so uninformed on politics that she doesn’t even know what 538 means.

While taking a break from denouncing anyone who disagrees with her as a racist, Reid tried — and failed— to give a history lesson:

I thought, honestly, no one human could get a tweet this wrong. Literally, everything outside of the FiveThirtyEight tag is incorrect.

The number 538 is not the margin in the historical 2000 election. It’s the number of electors in the United States Electoral College, you know, the system that decides our country. Hence, why Nate Silver’s polling site took the name. The margin Reid is referring to was actually 537, not 538. And worst of all, the Supreme Court of the United States did not reverse the 2000 election. That’s three devastating Ls in one setting. Some would say a first-round KO by the keyboard.

It’s never good when a mechanic is so bad he makes a lowly competitor look competent:

Last week, the high-anxiety election was so complex for Joy Reid that she had to make a gross “Uncle Clarence” comment about Justice Clarence Thomas and called the entire country “racist, anti-black, and anti-woke” just to contribute to the discussion.

(At least she wasn’t on the touchscreen map, huh?)

For some reason, Reid hasn’t even deleted this pathetic tweet. Maybe her hackers are back?

We must all now patiently wait for Joy Reid to explain if President Donald Trump has any chance of winning in court and getting to the needed — let’s say — 283 electoral votes to win the election.

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  1. Absolutely amazing that Joy Reid (who makes a living commenting on politics) does not know this. It is further amazing that she wove from her imagination a fictitious significance of 538 and tweeted it out to her followers as fact. Everyday the leftists become more and more ridiculousness. (And Jake Tapper, even though you corrected Joy, you are every bit as ridiculous as she is)

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