Josh McCown Questions Unvaccinated Kirk Cousins’ Ability To Lead

With NFL training camps coming to a close, retired quarterback Josh McCown has concerns about Minnesota’s top signal caller, Kirk Cousins. McCown isn’t concerned with Cousins’ ability to throw an end zone fade or an out route. He’s worried that Cousins’ decision not to be vaccinated will hamper his ability to lead.

Speaking with Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, McCown, who’s vaccinated, questioned whether Cousins really is “all in” for his team:

“Obviously, we have a personal choice, and that’s a freedom that (Cousins) has. But I think in the realm of a team and understanding everything we do about the science and the safety of it, I would just say it would be hard week in and week out for a quarterback to say, ‘Hey, I’m all for my team, but I’m not going to do this except for this.’’’

Since he was placed on the NFL’s COVID-19 list in early August, Cousins, who is unvaccinated, has been forced by the league to undergo daily testing and wear a mask.

McCown, who shares an agent with Cousins, views the unvaccinated protocols Cousins must follow as a hinderance to his ability to guide the Vikings:

“Obviously, he has a firm belief in his systems of beliefs that are leading him to say, ‘I don’t want to vaccinate,’ and that’s his business. But given the effect and the impact that it can have on a team, we don’t share the same beliefs on that aspect. And I just think you want to lead the way and do everything that allows you to be effective for your team, and so if you don’t (become vaccinated), I guess you have to throw the mask on and be vigilant about that. But even then, I think that takes away from some of your ability to lead.’’

Cousins’ ability to lead shouldn’t be in question. He has already proven that he won’t back down to anyone, not even the NFL.

Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. McCown is spot on. The most important player and highest paid player on just about every team is the QB. The protocols for non vaccinated players can easily derail a team’s entire season. Cousins, Lamar, and Wentz are setting themselves up for big trouble this season.

    • No he is not. The NFL is to blame here and no one else. Haven’t the vaccine doesn’t change anything as far as spreading COVID or catching it. The protocols are the problem. No one should be forced to take something that hasn’t been studied and is a new technology (mRNA). I thinks he is showing he is a true leader by standing his ground even in the time of this vaccine shaming which is exactly what McCown is doing.

    • Slow down now, Kirk Cousins’ lack of leadership has nothing to do with Covid. I think you are giving vaccinations and COVID-19 an unfair shake here. Cousins has been missing the playoffs and screwing up at the most inopportune times since his REDSKINS days. Come on, man.

  2. Boy this sheds light on people’s life priorities doesn’t it? For some they have aspects of life that are clearly bigger and far more important than football: being healthy, making your own health choices, having conviction, not being a lemming. For some apparently they have nothing other than football to live for. The irony to me is I think Cousins is exemplifying leadership by taking a stand when it’s unpopular to take one. Anyone can take a stand when there’s no resistance. That’s not really taking a stand anyway. It takes a real leader, a real man, to stand when it’s unpopular. Very ironic comments from McNown, but not unexpected in this climate.

    • Agree 100%

      Show me a world where “vaccinated” people aren’t testing positive and I’ll give Mc-Clown’s 🤡 argument a second look.

      Seriously, what would this guy know about leadership? He’s been shown the door by a dozen franchises.

  3. The test should be for antibodies. The vaccine is proving worthless in regards to testing positive or negative. I had Covid in March 2020. My wife and I were forced to get vaccinated for travel purposes. Both of us had adverse reactions. I had a face rash that put me on steroids for 2 weeks. People who have had Covid should NOT be getting the vaccine. The league policy is completely inane!

    • Amen!
      First of all I’m very sorry to hear that Keith. I hope you and your family are OK and do not suffer any more side effects. It makes me sick to read about that. Unfortunately I am hearing MANY similar stories day by day. The leadership decisions to mandate or pressure vaccines on millions with incomplete scientific data on long term safety is reckless and irresponsible. It makes me very angry to know our leaders are so thoughtless about our lives, and have no immediate accountability for stupidity. It would’ve been sane to wait on making policy until we had all of the information, but we’ve got idiots in charge.

      In support of your call for antibodies testing, Israeli studies are now showing natural immunity is 13 times more effective against covid than vaccination. Yet our leaders continue to give reckless guidance. Furthermore the hospital numbers aren’t clear on who’s admitted with covid after being recently vaccinated, so who knows how many are having reactions to the vax? They aren’t being honest with us.

  4. “understanding everything we do about the science and the safety of it”

    I think he meant to say know instead of do but whatever. You want to provide me your data big guy?
    And don’t show me propaganda from a gov’t or pharma compromised source like the cdc, fda, who, or Fauci’s mouth.

  5. An individual’s vaccination status is the business of that individual. McCown isn’t a team player, because he isn’t on a team.

    Cousins is a young, healthy individual. His risk associated with catching the Chinese Communist Party virus are very low. His kids are not at significant risk, statistically, from the virus.

    I understand that the NFL can make him take it or he’d lose his job, but even the NFL hasn’t approached that.

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