Kirk Cousins Sticks To His Opinion On Vaccines, Sending The Media Into A Tiff

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The media has been having a ball ever since the Vikings’ carousel of quarterbacks caught COVID. The easiest target of the group has not been Patient Zero of the bunch — rookie Kellen Mond — but the one guy everyone speculates is an “anti-vaxxer,” starting quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Though marketed as a “red state” guy, possibly due to his outspoken Christian faith, Cousins has put in the work to navigate through the restrictions and complications of keeping his free will in a new world of mandatory vaccines, masks, and social distancing.

While inoculation remains an NFL team’s best shot at completing the season free of complications from the virus, the starting QB has expressed faith in the protocols set by the league to ensure both vaccinated and unvaccinated players are kept safe.

Cousins gave his opinion on the recent outbreak of COVID in the QB room, doubling down on what it means to make an independent health choice, rather than spouting empty platitudes about a “science” that touts vaccination but that overlooks factors like natural immunity.

“I think the vaccination decision is a private, very private health matter for me,” said Cousins. “I’m going to keep it as such. I do believe as a leader of the team, it’s very important to follow the protocols and avoid this close contact, because that is what it’s going to come down to — did you have a close contact?”

While reports and stories surrounding Cousins have vaguely assigned all blame of the spread to his decision not to take the vaccine, the Vikings QB has consistently expressed concern about keeping the rest of his team healthy — without sacrificing his personal choices.

“So, I’m going to be vigilant about avoiding a close contact. I’ve even thought about, ‘Should I just set up, literally, Plexiglas around where I sit, so this could never happen again?’ I’ve thought about it, because I’m going to do whatever it takes. We’re going to avoid this close contact thing, and look forward to make sure I’m playing every game this year.”

The Yahoo Sports report speculates that “liberal doses of FOX News and NewsMax are probably involved” in Kirk Cousins’ decision. However, like Fauci’s rhetoric on COVID guidelines, that could also just be hearsay.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. He can’t say it but I will …the reaction to the fraud has been fear… the vaccine is a hoax…the NFL has promoted this false illusion that with masks, distancing and an experimental vaccine that we are safe… this is insane … time to awake from the woke… common sense over manipulation…land of the free home of the brave… leadership has shown to be tyrannical and treacherous… trust in government is lost … Socrates said that the opinions of the many are called Lamiae, bugbears to frighten children

    • The vaccine isn’t a “hoax” lmao… I’m not even vaxxed and I don’t believe that shit haha.. Clearly, it’s beneficial based on the data of decreased likelihood to get infected, be hospitalized, or die.

      But.. It really depends on your age/health. In general, both the vaccine and the virus are low-risk exposure hazards. The blanket ideology that everyone, even kids should be vaxxed is dumb. But the older you are the more sense the vaccine makes. Vaccine protecting the elderly is not a hoax.

      NFL are being some hoes about this tho. Feels like they are trying to set a tone like they have with the personal conduct policy. A shittty tone.

        • Yeah for real. People keep pointing to the “data” or “test results” put out by big pharma and nobody sees the conflict in interest.

          If Soda companies and fast food chains published studies saying “our product has no health risks” it would be met with laughter and ridicule. Big pharma does this every day, pre Covid, yet their data is considered gospel.

          • OK, so Gov DeSantis is a dick for prioritizing old folks to get inoculated first? Got it.

            Y’all sum bucks are all or nothing with this shit. Theres this thing called nuance

      • I will have to agree with Tanner here. Just as most of don’t want to be forced to take a vaccine some of us don’t show the same respect for those that want to get vaccinated. I told both my parents (78 and 84) and my mother in law (69) they should get the vaccine and if I were over 60 I would have been first in line. The vaccine works to the extent that it lessens the symptoms but if one is healthy and younger it is rather unnecessary, especially for kids.

        • If I’m not willing to take it, or my children, I’m certainly not endorsing it for others. Do it at your own risk. If you asked someone before covid if they thought injecting an unapproved shot, it’s not really a “vaccine” now is it, into your body for a moderately dangerous illness and the shot has no long term proof of safety was a wise choice, they’d be insane to say yes. You’ve got the freedom to choose but there are a LOT of reports of serious complications, side effects and even death that may be directly attributed to the vaccines. I can’t in good conscience just say go for it. Do your own homework, ask point blank questions and weigh the risk. I did and I’d say you need to be pretty dang HIGH risk to even try this thing.

  2. It is an experimental vaccine … the word vaccine implies safety and for many it is not safe or appropriate… informed consent is necessary and is not part of the protocol…government mandate is beyond conscious and borders on tyranny…the result being medical ID for day to day activities… America is not the CCCP or USSR …however it is considered in the EU where state authority has considerably grown… I for one do object to the Orwellian path …self governing means liberty, self control, limited authority and self respect… you know life, liberty etc. … all men created equal …not a ruling elite

  3. “I think the vaccination decision is a private. very private health matter for me,” said Cousins.
    This one statement earns my respect. Its none of anyone else’s business if you choose to get the vax or not. That is called freedom.
    With all of the lies coming from the inept corrupt CDC, the evil Keebler elf Gates/China weasel puppet phony Fauci, and the use of the CCP Wuhan bio warfare lab virus by the terrorist cult known as the DemocRat party to force communism on America, everyone should be skeptical.

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