Josh Jacobs Admits He’s Tired of Raiders’ Losing Culture In Heated Postgame Interview

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Don’t kid yourself: Josh Jacobs’ career year was never part of the Las Vegas Raiders’ offseason plan.

Though the Raiders’ new regime stepped in to rebuild LV’s roster by shading Mike Mayock’s past draft picks, Jacobs stayed the course and made the most of his opportunities.

Now, he’s leading the league in rushing, heading into Week 17 amid a fierce campaign in 2022.

After another deflating loss, the running back is talking turkey about new head coach Josh McDaniels’ lackluster offense as the Raiders fall short of a postseason bid at 6-9. Not nice.

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Following Saturday’s dismal 13-10 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacobs vented his frustrations with the offense, knowing he’s arguably its most valuable piece.

(Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

“It’s bulls**t, For real. I mean it’s bulls**t,” Jacobs said Saturday.


Jacobs leads all running backs with 1,539 rushing yards. He’s also tied for fourth-most rushing TDs at 11.

“Everybody wants to talk about the defense, but they made the stops when they were supposed to,” Jacobs added. “We gotta help them out. And I’m tired of saying we gotta help them out. It’s just frustrating.”


Jacobs waxed on the Raiders’ inability to get ahead of the lowly Steelers offense, which dominated on time of possession but went just 5 of 14 on third-down plays.

“We still had opportunities to make plays,” he said. “I feel like in times where we was close and we felt like we was about to get a big one, we went away from it.

“You know, and the pass game was working early. So, you know, that is what it is, but to win these games, you know, especially in the stretch, especially you’re up, against a team like this in the cold, you’ve got to run the ball. So that’s a factor on everybody involved, top to bottom.”

Jacobs Saving The Raiders (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

McDaniels’ prowess as an offensive-minded coach has fallen short of expectations, with Jacobs often bailing out the unit.

Jacobs said, “I’m tired of dealing with this. Every day I come here and bust my a** and I see the guys busting their a** and the result is not there. For me, the last four years, the result has not been there. And quite frankly, I don’t know what else to do.”

The Raiders put Jacobs out in meaningless preseason games as trade buzz surrounded the former first-round RB. McDaniels tried to swat speculation of a Jacobs trade, especially after the team declined to pick up his fifth-year contract option.

After drafting and signing several RBs in the offseason, it was apparent that the Raiders were looking to move off Jacobs. Now they may find themselves regretting their non-committal approach.

In the Raiders’ Week 12 matchup against the Seahawks. Jacobs ripped an 86-yard game-winning TD in overtime. He also tallied over 300 yards of offense in that single game.

Jacobs will be one of the hottest names among free-agent RBs this offseason, and the price of a new deal may be increasing with every Raiders loss.

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