Josh Allen Skips Pro Bowl Games To Play Golf, NFL Replaces Him With … Tyler Huntley?

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The NFL is trying to make the Pro Bowl great again. Rather than play a meaningless football game where no one plays any defense, they’re moving to a flag football game. Hey, it’s something, right?

Except, players seem less interested than ever. Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen elected to skip the Pro Bowl Games. Yes, for those who don’t realize, it’s not even just called the “Pro Bowl” anymore.

It’s now called the “Pro Bowl Games” to let you know there are many games! Not just one! There are going to be skills competitions and stuff! Pete Davidson and Snoop Dogg will be there!

But Josh Allen is going to play in the Pebble Beach Pro Am golf tournament instead. He’d rather go play golf than participate in the NFL’s rebranded extravaganza.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen prefers to play golf rather than the NFL's Pro Bowl Games. Can you blame him?
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen prefers to play golf rather than the NFL’s Pro Bowl Games. Can you blame him? (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Good luck getting fans too excited if the league can’t get players to show up.

So, with Allen out, the NFL needs an AFC quarterback. And they need one who is going to actually, you know, show up and participate. In fact, all three AFC quarterbacks actually selected are not participating.

Joe Burrow will not be in attendance due to his team playing in the AFC Championship game. Patrick Mahomes will obviously not attend because he’s preparing for the Super Bowl.

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence is one replacement. The other is Ravens BACKUP quarterback Tyler Huntley. That’s right, Snopp Dogg will not be the only “Snoop” in attendance.

Quarterback Tyler Huntley is smiling because he's an NFL Pro Bowl Gamer!
Quarterback Tyler Huntley is smiling because he’s an NFL Pro Bowl Gamer! (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Now, on Tyler Huntley’s Wikipedia page for the rest of his life it will read “Pro Bowl QB.” Sorry, “Pro Bowl Games” QB.

Huntley played in six regular season games in place of injured Lamar Jackson, starting five. Huntley threw more interceptions (3) than touchdowns (2). He threw for less than 700 yards, had a passer rating of 77.2 and never once had more than 190 passing yards in a game.

That’s one of your AFC Pro Bowl Games quarterbacks, ladies and gentlemen.

Let the Games begin!

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