Josh Allen Fakes Severe ‘Ankle Injury’ That Kept Him Out Of Pro Bowl While Ripping Drives At Pebble Beach

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Josh Allen is very, very injured after a long NFL season. He is so injured, in fact, that the only way for him to get healthy is by playing one of the most famous golf courses in the world.

Allen, who had his season come to an end with a loss to the Bengals in the AFC Divisional Round, was picked to play in the 2023 Pro Bowl Games. However, his extremely severe, (undiagnosed) injury is keeping him from participating this weekend.

He has been replaced by Ravens backup quarterback Tyler Huntley.

Meanwhile, Allen β€” who is way too hurt to play football β€” will be healing up by the beach. But not just any beach.

Josh Allen is at Pebble Beach.

The 26-year-old quarterback is competing in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am this weekend. He skipped out on the Pro Bowl Games to play golf.

Can you blame him?

Before the tournament got underway on Thursday, Allen took to the course for a practice round on Wednesday. His swing looked awfully smooth for someone is way too injured to mess around on the gridiron in Las Vegas!

By the time he reached the back-nine, Allen was locked in and ready to go.

One might think that someone who is injured would require a long recovery period after walking 18 holes. Not Allen!

He was all smiles as he walked to the first tee for the first round on Thursday morning.

He also looked okay while on the green.

Obviously, Allen is not severely injured. He pulled out of the Pro Bowl Games so that he can instead spend the weekend on the links.

When asked about the the decision during his first round, Allen hilariously blamed it on his ankle and started walking around the tee box with a limp.

Considering that his two options were either flag football and dodgeball in Sin City or 72(ish) holes in northern California, Allen went with the more relaxed of the two.

It’s pretty hilarious, though, that the NFL actually said Allen pulled out due to injury instead of just not wanting to participate. It looks better that way, I guess? But does it really?

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  1. Allen is a talented QB but I don’t like him. To me he appears to be a celebrity seeker. He’d rather hang out with Hollywood types than be angry his team got knocked out of the playoffs.

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