Josh Allen Doesn’t Want Any ‘Soft’ Dome In Buffalo

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Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen made it very clear on Monday that he does not want the team’s new stadium to have a retractable roof.

The star quarterback spoke with on-air personality Kyle Brandt after the Bills defeated the Miami Dolphins 32-29 in what was another snowy game in Buffalo.

During the interview, Allen likened those that keep saying that Buffalo should have a dome to being “soft.”


I absolutely love this take from Allen. He summarized it perfectly when he said “it’s football, it’s football weather.”

We have already lost much of society by those wanting everything to be perfect and participation trophies for all – let’s at least be able to keep football. Please, people.

The Ghosts of Football Past that played through blizzards wouldn’t just be laughing at today’s players, they’d also be angry. Football is the one sport that’s supposed to be played regardless of what the weather situation is. Rain, hail, sleet, snow, heat wave – it doesn’t matter.

These are football players. Some that wear short sleeves in negative degree temperatures during games. They are a different breed than the rest of us. The whiny fan commenting, “Why don’t they just have a dome! This is ridiculous,” just doesn’t get it.


One thing that I found interesting is that the NFL would have a role in when a team’s dome would have to be open or closed come playoff time.

According to league rules, for Wild Card and Divisional playoff games, the team does not have a say, it’s what the stadium operator’s written policy is. For example, the Indianapolis Colts’ Lucas Oil Stadium has a policy that if the weather is 40 degrees or colder, wind gusts of 40 degrees or more or if there is rain or snow in the vicinity of the stadium, then it’s mandated that they will close the dome.

For Conference Championships and the Super Bowl, it’s even worse as the Commissioner’s office would be the ones to make the dome decision.

If I’m Josh Allen, the Buffalo Bills, or Bills Mafia fans the last thing I’d want is Roger Goodell to make any decisions regarding an important game.

I’d rather take my chances with mother nature than Goodell.


During Week 11 of the season, the Buffalo Bills had to move their game against the Cleveland Browns from Buffalo to Detroit, Michigan’s Ford Field. The reason? Over 6 feet of snow and treacherous driving conditions that even saw Bills’ fans shoveling and clearing roadways so the players could get to the airport for the game.

With about seven inches of snow, this past weekend’s Bills-Dolphins game wasn’t nearly as bad. Unless of course, if you listen to the type of person that loves to complain about everything in life.

By defeating the Dolphins, the 11-3 Bills have clinched a playoff spot in the AFC playoffs. Meanwhile, the Dolphins at 8-6 are fighting for a potential Wild Card spot.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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