Some Guy Tried To Hold Jordan Spieth Possessions Hostage In Attempt To Extort Masters Tickets

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Buried deep in a Golfweek article by Adam Schupak is a gem of a story told by Jordan Spieth about Masters tickets.

Shupak interviewed golfers and asked them one, simple question: “What’s the strangest request you’ve received pertaining to the Masters?”

Decent starting point for a Masters week article, but certainly depends on the answers. Shupak starts with Keegan Bradley, who had nothing interesting to say.

From there, we start going down a list of notable golfers, but few have much to offer. Tommy Fleetwood notes that he takes extra Masters pencils for his dad and golf coach.

Zach Johnson says people have offered six-figures for Masters tickets, but he cannot fulfill those requests. Kevin Kisner says people have asked to caddie for him.

Jordan Spieth has quite the Masters tickets story

Then, out of nowhere almost 15 golfers in, we get to Jordan Spieth.

“When I moved houses in 2015, I left a few things in a safe like my high school ring,” Spieth told Schupak. “He said he’ll return them if and only if I’d go over to their house for dinner and he could have Masters badges for the week. I was like, no, think you should just return it because it was the right thing to do.

“I think what ended up happening is I said, yeah, we’ll figure out a time to get together, could my mom just pick it up because I was out of town. She did and I just haven’t done anything. The guy is pretty upset. He’s left a note at our gate.”

Former Masters champion Jordan Spieth faced an extortion attempt by someone who really wanted tickets to the legendary golf tournament.
Former Masters champion Jordan Spieth faced an extortion attempt by someone who really wanted tickets to the legendary golf tournament. (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

Whoa. So much to unpack there. First of all, how this isn’t the entire story is beyond me. There’s a saying in journalism that goes “don’t bury the lede.”

I suppose I buried the lede a bit myself, but I also told you in the headline that the story was coming. Then I led you on a journey.

Anyway, back to Spieth. Obviously, the headline here is that someone tried to extort Masters tickets over a high school ring.

But I want to talk about sending his mom to this guy’s house to pick up the ring. Some strange guy who’s attempting to extort you and you send your mom to his house?

That’s a pretty wild move.

Kudos to Jordan Spieth’s mom, though, the clear hero of this story.

Sorry, blackmail guy, but you’ll be watching the Masters from your couch, like the rest of us.

At least you can do it from the comfort of Jordan Spieth’s old house.

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