Jonas Valanciunas Perfectly Impersonates Whiny LeBron James

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New Orleans Pelicans big man Jonas Valanciunas is a seven-footer from Lithuania that backs down to absolutely nobody. He’s an old-school player that does the dirty work down low and isn’t scared to call anyone out in the NBA, and that includes LeBron James.

Back in his home country of Lithuania this offseason, Valanciunas was doing an interview in front of a live audience. He was put on the spot to play a game of charades and was asked to share his impersonation of James.

Wasting no time at all, he put his hands to his face and acted like he was crying. Valanciunas then fell to the floor demonstrating that LeBron is a flopper.

All in all, it’s a spot-on impression.

James may be on the Mt. Rushmore of NBA players, but there is no denying he’s turned into a serial complainer on the court over the years.

Valanciunas may have exactly zero NBA championship rings and zero All-Star Game appearances, but that doesn’t mean he can’t call it like he sees it.

LeBron’s latest two ridiculous stunts include calling Boston Celtics fans “racist as f–k” and saying Brittney Griner may just want to stay in Russia instead of returning to the United States.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. LeBron is nowhere near Mt Rushmore. He has the same amount of rings as Steph Curry, with one having an asterisk. No “superstar” has ever needed as much help to win as this softy.

    With his physical ability and god given talent, he should have at least 7 rings at this point. He won’t win another title. Huge waste of talent.

    Great impersonation btw

    • Correct – almost no one has squandered as much talent as this guy. If he had just let GMs and Team Presidents do their jobs and kept his head on straight (ie stop creating controversies that aren’t real and chiming in ignorantly on social issues) he would likely have those 7 rings by now.

  2. I love reading racist losers commenting on a man more successful than all of you put together. Including the lame who wrote the article. Only racists would side with a foreigner against an American born citizen. Keep being fat, jealous losers. He idiot said “squandered” talent. He is a billionaire, you doof. But I am sure this helps you feel better about yourselves. And allows you to hide behind the fact that you are just racist losers. Enjoy your miserable lives.

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