Johnny Manziel Vs. Karen Rovell

I have my own history with Johnny Manziel, but it’s nothing like the history Karen Rovell has with the Texas A&M legend. The two old enemies went to war today after Karen went into his bag of ‘___ years ago today…something…something…something happened’ and came out with an ARod and Manziel tweet that Johnny caught wind of.

Karen took his shot at Manziel’s new quiet life that includes front flips off buildings and there’s no way John Football is letting that slide. Remember, Rovell is the one who broke the autograph story that turned into a fiasco that ended up a 1st half suspension during a game against Rice. Rovell did a deep dive on the guy trying to make a little money while Texas A&M was laughing their asses off at all the cash Johnny was making for them. Smug Karen couldn’t wait to report that Johnny might’ve been making a little cash off his autograph.

That brings us to today and Manziel unloading a game-ender on Karen. There’s no coming back from this if you’re K. You have to take the L and hide out and maybe look for old autographed checks on eBay.

At least all I ever did was help Johnny end his career in Cleveland which he didn’t really care about anyway. It was just back in late June when John Football said his heart wasn’t in it during his time in Cleveland. His heart was always back in College Station as the Heisman winner. Rovell tried to ruin those glory days.

Don’t worry guys, Karen is actually here to help Johnny.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Besides that, what’s so incredibly impressive about A-Rod these days? a drug scandal, a few commercials, a hot but massively overrated wife who dry humped a bunch of stuff during the super bowl half time? That’s highly relevant in Karen’s world? At least Johnny seems fun to hang out with.

    • Uhhhh.. A-Rod is crushing it these days. Successful baseball career (I can get over the drug scandal if the Astro’s got off scot free), made an insane amount of money playing a game, longevity in his sport, didn’t blow all his money on dumb shit, is an avid and successful investor, guest on Shark Tank, and is currently in the running to buy the Mets. Pretty impressive resume.

      But to be all the way 100 I’d blow some lines with either of em hahaha

  2. How dare Johnny call Karen the “B” word! Particularly when out of the kindness of her heart she was doing Johnny a service by clarifying his rank in the social hierarchy. Karen should demand to immediately speak with Johnny’s manager.

  3. I’m a Bama fan. When Johnny did his thing especially the Heisman year, WOW. Had he just moved on, we would see his highlights from that year often. Not so much, because of his behavior.

    Johnny kinda made himself a character of himself.

    Rare athlete in a zone for about 2 years, then poof.

    Rovell is the Bill Maher of sports. Loser.

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