Johnny Manziel Is Now Front Flipping Off Roofs Into Pools

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Johnny Manziel, the athlete, IS BACK and all it took for me to confirm that was the black and white front flip off a roof into a pool Instagram Story he posted during Sunday Funday with the boys. This is easily the most athletic thing I’ve seen Johnny do since he jumped off a cliff back in May. You could even say the level of difficulty here is higher since it incorporates a roof, a bunch of concrete, a shallow pool and a very small landing zone.

Add in the fact that Johnny pulled off a front flip during a jump with the boys and you have yourself a guy who still has that God-given athletic talent. Watch his boys follow him off the roof. Are they going front flips? No way, they’re just hoping to stick the landing without breaking a leg.

Now let’s get down to the other business of the day: would Johnny Manziel consider a comeback in a Rock-owned XFL? Manziel took a shot at the Vince McMahon-owned XFL back in February, saying he had no interest in playing for a league that would fold halfway through the season. Does that change with The Rock in charge? Looks like the guy still has the feet to elude a defender or two.

This is where I have to add a disclaimer: don’t go attempting this front flip at home. Leave this to the professionals like Johnny and people you see jumping off cliffs during Red Bull events. 

This was back in May:

Written by Joe Kinsey

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