Woman Claims She ‘Ruined’ Johnny Manziel’s Career, Forgets Some Major Details

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A woman is going viral with the claim she ruined Johnny Manziel’s football career.

Manziel was cut after two disappointing seasons with the Cleveland Browns, and never played another snap of NFL football again. There are a lot of reasons why his career didn’t pan out, and Heather Kuntz thinks she played a major role.

In a viral TikTok video, Kuntz explained she was with Manziel at a party in 2015. Photos surfaced that incorrectly claimed she was kissing him on the cheek, and the New York Post shined a massive spotlight on the small gathering in Texas.

Manziel was accused of, once again, not being focused on football.

The New York Post famously covered the 2105 incident in question. (Credit: Screenshot/New York Post)

“Here’s the kicker, as a result of this photo because he’d already been in a lot of trouble, one more thing to add to the list, this ultimately led to him getting removed from the Browns and the NFL altogether,” Kuntz claims in the video.

You can watch her full explanation of the 2015 events and how she thinks she played a role in his career crashing down.


Ruining men’s lives just became my thing after this. Johnny I 🫶🏻 you. Forgive me. I’m sorry. You’re the GOAT. #texas #johnnymanziel #johnnyfootball #texasam #gigem

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Does she have her facts right on Johnny Manziel getting bounced from Cleveland?

I hate to fact check a viral video everyone seems to be enjoying, but there’s a MAJOR hole in this little story from Heather. While the event certainly didn’t help Manziel’s NFL career, it hardly ended it. Manziel was cut March 11, 2016. That was several months after the 2015 incident.

Do we all remember what happened after the photo and prior to being cut? Johnny Manziel was accused of being involved in a domestic violence situation with his ex-girlfriend in January 2016 – roughly six weeks before he was cut from the Browns.

The case was later dismissed in 2017 after he took an anger management course, according to Bleacher Report.

Johnny Manziel was accused of being involved in a domestic violence incident in 2016. (Rodger Mallison/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/TNS via Getty Images)

What do we think had a more negative impact on his NFL career? A picture that was taken out of context that got him in some hot water with the team or a misdemeanor assault charge?

The answer is the latter and it’s not close.

Woman goes viral for claiming she ruined Johnny Manziel’s career. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

While this was a fun and entertaining blast from the past involving Johnny Manziel, it’s hard to argue her story holds up under scrutiny. The photo and event didn’t help, but it hardly ended his career.

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