John Daly Had One Helluva Weekend In Florida At Trump Doral Where He Jumped In A Pond

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There are John Daly benders and then there’s the weekend the GOAT just turned in at Trump Doral for the Trump Touring Pro Weekend.

It’s nothing to wake up Monday morning and start scrolling through Instagram to find drunken Daly fun, but this weekend Santa John delivered in a big way. Not only did we get the big man belly-flopping into a Trump Doral pond, but we also got to see the legend enjoying a late-night Arby’s run and giving out free hangover advice that should be painted on the walls of college dorms from coast-to-coast.

Six months ago, I wrote a post titled, “John Daly is busy living life while you’re arguing over golfers taking Saudi blood money,” and JD was belly-flopping off a boat dock.

Here we are six months later and some of you have been wasting away some of the greatest days of your life and Big John just keeps trying to show you the way. Folks, you need to get busy living.

Now, that might not mean ripping off your clothes and belly-flopping into one of Trump’s golf course ponds or getting hammered at the 19th hole on the regular, but you can definitely start to incorporate some of Daly’s happiness into your own life.

  1. Food. Feel free to mix in some Hooters from time to time. Forget about the calories here and there. Stop thinking that app on your phone actually cares about your well-being.
  2. Laughing. Many of you aren’t laughing enough. You’re not going to see comedians enough. You’re not hanging out with funny, happy people.
  3. Give yourself a break. Rip your shirt off, let it fly, stop thinking the person at the hotel pool will remember what you look at 24 hours after seeing you in the hot tub.
  4. Try something new. John Daly is 56. Are 56-year-olds supposed to be jumping into golf course ponds for a swim? No. Are 56-year-olds supposed to start rock bands? No. Stop thinking your life is over at a certain age. Be like John. Live a little and refer back to No. 3, which will then lead you to No. 2.

“Drink the same sh*t you drank the night before,” a barefoot Daly, who was about to light a cig, said this weekend when asked about his hangover cure.

There’s never been a better example of how to live life for those of you who’ve been wasting your life arguing on the Internet or going through life completely miserable.


Look over the four main pillars on how to live the JD lifestyle and get to work. You can start by going out for wings and maybe mix in a beer if you’re feeling crazy.

Yes, it’s Monday. Start living a little.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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