John Daly, Golf’s Patron Saint, Conducts RV Interview From Church Parking Lot

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John Daly may have missed the cut at last weekend’s PGA Championship, but he dominated the content landscape.

Last week, OutKick’s Joe Kinsey detailed Daly’s absurd Diet Coke consumption, then later passed along the 56-year-old legend’s 18-hole diet consisting of 21 heaters, six packages of Peanut M&M’s and entire 12 pack of Diet Coke.

Now we find out that Long John Daly, four times divorced and unabashed lover of all things unholy (and make no mistake, we’re not judging – just jealous), conducts interviews from church parking lots while puffin’ on squares.

Daly revealed as much during a Sunday morning appearance on ESPN+’s MegaCast with Joe Buck and Michael Collins just during the final round of the PGA Championship.

When asked by Buck where his bus was “right now,” Daly finished his most recent drag and replied: “It’s still in Tulsa. Parked at a church where I need to be right now.” Belly laughs and puffs of smoke soon followed.

Also joining the MegaCast was actor Jon Hamm, who promoted his new movie by assigning Daly the perfect call sign. “My call sign in Top Gun 2 is Cyclone, thank you very much,” said Hamm. “And I feel like John Daly’s call sign would be Heater.”

The name fits like a glove and the 1993 Masters winner seemed to approve. “I love America,” a laughing Daly shot back in response.

Daly may have felt the need to swing by church in order to repent for previous sins that took place during his stretch in Oklahoma. He was pictured going YOLO at a nearby casino and also enjoying the scenery at a local Hooters.

Never mind Trevor Noah, This is one Daly Show worth watching.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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