Joe Rogan Rips Anheuser-Busch’s Commercial After Dylan Mulvaney Disaster: ‘F*cking dumbest pro-America rah-rah’

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Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light seem completely incapable of refraining from making people angry. Now, Joe Rogan is calling them out for the ad they released in a Hail Mary attempt at righting the ship.

We all know, Bud Light is down bad. Every time I go to the grocery I check out the beer selection to gauge which way the wind is blowing. Unsurprisingly, every time I’ve done this, I see mountains of blue Bud Light cases, while the Coors Light cases with the blue mountains on them seem to get picked over.

My anecdotal evidence and all the fiscal data pointing to a shocking sales dip after partnering with Dylan Mulvaney goes to show why Anheuser-Busch felt the need to do something. So, they released an over-the-top patriotic ad that would’ve made Uncle Sam say, “Guys, reign it in a little.”

The only thing it’s missing is a bald eagle wearing a tri-corner hat farting red, white, and blue confetti.

Rogan Ripped Anheuser-Busch For Their Latest Ad

Rogan slammed the company on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience insulting its customers with the Mulvaney partnership.

“And so they’re gonna change that with this crazy attention whore on day 365 of being a woman,” Rogan said, per Mediaite. “It’s so stupid and cliche. It f—–g — it hurts my feelings. It’s so dumb,” Rogan added. “This is a company in deep s–t, bro.”

If you thought that commercial would change Joe Rogan’s mind about Bud Light, you are mistaken. He saw it as quote the “f—–g dumbest pro-America rah-rah

As Joe Rogan points out, the commercial made the situation even worse for the ailing beer giant.

“Shut the f–k up. Now I hate you more,” Rogan said.

“That’s probably a ChatGPT 4.0 version of the perfect American commercial. That’s really what it is. That shit didn’t have nothing to do with drinking Bud Light either, by the way. That was like — that made me wanna move to Montana.”

Other beers — notably Yuengling — tried to counter Bud Light and Annheuser-Busch by leaning into a pro-America image (and, importantly, not an over-the-top one like that Anheuser-Busch spot). That tactic works so long as you’re not Anheuser-Busch.

You can’t counter your own actions without leaving everyone angry and confused.

Joe Rogan astutely called this out as being disingenuous. Even though, this isn’t news to anyone who quit buying their products following the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco.

Everyone knows it was a vain attempt at saving face.

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