Joe Rogan Reveals When He’ll Leave The UFC

Joe Rogan’s future in the UFC is directly tied to Dana White.

Rogan has been a fixture in the UFC for years, and is one of the most popular broadcasters in the sport. Fans absolutely love when he’s on the call and conducting fighter interviews.

However, when White eventually steps away, Rogan will be right behind him.

Joe Rogan will leave the UFC whenever Dana White does. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

Joe Rogan won’t work at the UFC if Dana White isn’t running the show.

Rogan might be one of the faces of the UFC, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be around forever. In fact, he can leave whenever White does.

“If Dana leaves, I’m gone. That’s in my contract,” Rogan explained on a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” according to MMA Junkie.

Joe Rogan can leave the UFC when Dana White does. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

It’s definitely going to be a very sad day for the UFC whenever Rogan finally unplugs the mic and rides off into the sunset.

Nobody is better at interviewing fighters and providing fun commentary than the popular podcast host. The man is a star and he’s a man of the people.

Having said that, it makes sense his fate would be tied to White’s. The pair have been working together for more than two decades.

When will Joe Rogan retire from the UFC? (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

Does Rogan really want to work with an entirely new group of people? Clearly, the answer is no. He has tons of money and he’s ready to go whenever White does. Until then, he will continue to dominate the call for the UFC.

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