Joe Rogan Will Not Be On UFC 271 Broadcast

Joe Rogan will not be on Saturday’s broadcast for UFC 271.

Interestingly, the UFC just confirmed on Wednesday that Rogan would work the broadcast with Jon Anik and Daniel Cormier. So what changed?

According to the UFC, a last-second “scheduling conflict” will force Rogan to miss the trip from Austin, where he lives, to Houston, the location of UFC 271.

Michael Bisping will replace Rogan in the booth, the UFC says.

Some MMA fans are, however, skeptical of the coincidence. Rogan’s scheduling conflict comes amid a series of controversies, including those outraged over Rogan’s commentary on COVID-19 and his past use of the n-word.

Because ESPN airs the UFC’s pay-per-views, it’s easy to imagine an ESPN or Disney executive demanding that the UFC hold Rogan off this weekend’s card. In fact, I bet someone at ESPN did, at least, ask the UFC to remove Rogan from the broadcast.

On the other hand, Dana White runs the UFC. Behind White, the UFC is the most ballsy sports league in America — it’s not close.

White does not answer to outraged wokes. Recently, White called those trying to cancel Rogan “whiny fucking pussies.”


“You’re not going to cancel Rogan,” White said“Guess what? This is fucking America. You can have your own opinions about these things and you can voice them. That’s what this fucking country was built on.

“All these little whiny fucking pussies that don’t like it? Too bad.”

That doesn’t sound like a guy who would answer to ESPN, even if some exec asked him to take Rogan off the card. So maybe Rogan did have a scheduling conflict.

What do you think?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Rogan invited more criticism by apologizing to the woke mob. He should take a stand. Tell Spotify “its my way or the highway” and make them fire him if they don’t like it. He has he fan base to launch his own media company or partner with Rumble and turn the tide on the woke mainstream media.

  2. I’m a moronic deplorable that bought 2,500 shares of Rumble this week. Please Spotify…Pretty please with sugar on top…Fire Joe…Please…Please ESPN…Stay woke…Please YouTube…Keep censoring…Please…Keep taking the free speech of Americans away, because all of you elitists are so much smarter, more ethical, and morally responsible than the rest of us who work our asses off to take care of our families. Keep going…

  3. I’m going to keep it simple: Joe doesn’t yet realize he’s LITERALLY “The Man.”

    If you learn ANYTHING from listening to him, it’s that Joe Rogan is in actual disbelief that his show is SO popular AND that he is one of the most intellectually humble and honest men on the planet.

    His silence right now is 100% Rogan. He knows how to win. Right now is NOT a time for Bravado. Right now is a time for stratagem. I would not like to be on the WRONG side of Joe Rogan, right now. I hate to make a Star Wars reference, but if, like Obi Wan, they strike him down, he will become more powerful than the Dark Side can “possibly imagine.”

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