Joe Rogan Calls Out ‘Protected Class’ Of Transgenders Moving To Women’s Prisons

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Podcast host Joe Rogan questions why society has put transgenders in a “protected class” at the expense of others.

Rogan referenced a story in which the headline stated a woman brutally murdered and raped another woman. But it turns out the perp was not a woman. Rather, Rogan learned the assailant was a man who now calls himself a woman.

“Well, it turns out it’s not a woman. It’s a trans woman, but they have to call it a woman. So they’re saying it’s a woman,” Rogan said. “So there’s people that are phrasing it in this woke speak.”

“[It’s] bananas to phrase it that way” and say “a woman,” he added.

The violent man has since been charged. Yet he now sits in a prison full of women for raping and murdering a woman.

“The cops that came to the scene said it was one of the most horrific things they had ever seen, stabbed her from her face down to the bottom of her legs — but you can say you’re a woman and all of the sudden you’re in a women’s prison,” Rogan said.

Here’s the full segment from an episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience” this week:

The woke and feminists have had not much to say about the male rapist moving to a women’s prison, undoubtedly putting female inmates at risk.

However, the case to which Rogan refers is hardly a singular issue. Earlier this week, the Washington State Department of Corrections confirmed to OutKick that it was holding a man by the name of Brett David Sonia.

For background: Sonia repeatedly raped a 13-year-old girl some 20 years ago. But around 2020, he started to “sometimes,” not all the time, call himself a woman. Therefore, he now bunks with other women, who are reportedly afraid of Sonia as he changes back and forth between male and female.

Later, Rogan discussed a third case in which a violent male criminal forced himself into a prison full of women. This particular male murderer became a father of two while sleeping and showering with biological female inmates.

Who could have imagined?

“[Another] person that went to jail and said he was a woman, and started banging all the inmates and got two of them pregnant — that person brutally murdered his mother with a knife. It’s a horrible story,” says Rogan.

Each of these three cases has drawn near silence from the press and supposed advocates of women.

“You can’t even criticize [trans], even if they’re murderers, even if they’ve brutally raped and murdered their ex-girlfriend, you still have to call them a woman,” Rogan added.

Joe Rogan and Brett David Sonia.

As we argued Tuesday, a violent male criminal getting his wish to serve time in a women’s prison is a consequence of a culture that prioritizes political correctness over common sense.

Allowing rapists and murderers to dictate terms because they say they have changed genders is a grave indictment of the vulnerability of society.

There’s such sensitivity around transgenderism that society would rather stay silent than push back on what’s clearly an irrational response.

That certainly sounds like a protected class.

The mob has not come for Joe Rogan in a minute. Perhaps further exposing their protection of transgenders at the expense of women will galvanize the mob anew.

“Even if they were a man at the time, you still have to call them a woman. ‘It’s very rare for a woman to do this.’ Is it? Is it also rare for a woman to have a d*ck?” Rogan concluded. “What the f*ck are we doing?”

Fair point.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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