Joe Mixon’s Trainer Called Police After Hearing Shots Fired, Details Scene

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More details have emerged on the strange Monday night scene involving Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon and a police investigation looking into the shooting of a minor near his home.

In police audio obtained by TMZ, Joe Mixon’s trainer, Sean Pena, provided further details on the scene, revealing that he made the call to the police, from within Mixon’s residence, after hearing shots fired outside.

Mixon’s Trainer Details Crime Scene

According to Pena’s testimony, he saw a child brandishing a gun (described as a “Kel-Tec”) amid a game of NERF wars between several children outside of Mixon’s residence.

In the dispatch audio, Pena also noted that he heard five gunshots before watching three vehicles speed out of the residential street.

“One kid was running around brandishing a weapon, and he went back to his car, and it looked like it was a fake weapon,” Pena said.

“But then I kept watching, watching, watching, and then he was screaming something, and he went back to his car, and he pulled out another weapon. It looked like a Kel-Tec or something and ran up the back driveway of this house that he had been going up and down and said, ‘F*** yeah.'”

Answers Still On The Way Re: Shooting

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office found a shell casing behind Mixon’s home. When authorities arrived, one child had reportedly suffered a bullet wound to the foot. Police transported the kid to a nearby hospital for “non-life-threatening” injuries. The Sheriff’s Office has not addressed Mixon’s involvement.

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Pena added, “Then all the sudden I heard him running, running down there, and you heard ‘Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop,'”

OutKick’s David Hookstead previously reported that authorities have not confirmed whether Mixon was in his residence Monday night when cops showed up. Information on the scene remains limited.

Police arrived at the 7900 block of Anderson Township, Ohio, Monday night around 8:25 p.m. (EST). Authorities turned their attention to Mixon’s home. According to the FOX19 news broadcast, the cops banged on Mixon’s front door, requesting he step out. They eventually executed a search warrant. Police surrounded the residence with crime scene tape.

Cops entered the home but did not arrest anyone. Mixon’s defense attorneys, Scott Crosswell and Merlyn Shiverdecker, were at the home Monday night.

Hookstead relayed,

“Witnessed several males and females running at this location. Couldn’t get a description. One of them pulled out a gun, ran toward the back of a building. Several shots were heard.

“A male with a gun was seen running, getting into a Jeep. He’s currently still on scene. Two other vehicles are involved … They fled at a high rate of speed.”

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