Quidditch Renamed Because JK Rowling Dubbed Transphobic: Clay Travis Responds

What is the transgender agenda?

Evidently, it’s just J.K. Rowling saying there are differences between men and women.


OutKick founder Clay Travis discussed Ian Miller‘s article on the topic:

“The name of Quidditch to quad ball is because Rowling has, quote, ‘come under increasing scrutiny for her anti-trans positions,'” he said. “Rowling’s anti-trans positions. And I’m reading again, this is good work.”

“If you’re not reading OutKick every day, you’re probably not going to be as happy about the sanity that exists in the world of sports and beyond,” Clay continued. “Ian Miller does a fantastic job here. Rowling’s anti-trans positions actually say that women are turning a blind, blind eye to the naked misogyny of the gender identity movement and the threat it poses to the rights of women and girls. And so for that, she is having her connection to the Harry Potter franchise potentially dialed back. A lot of the actors and actresses in that Harry Potter franchise are turning their back on her.”

“And another good article that is up, if you think this is all just made up, well, they have changed the definition of a female in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a female definition,” Clay said.


“One of them now is having some quality, such as small size or delicacy of sound associated with the female sex. That is one of the definitions. Sorry. They’ve added having a gender identity that is the opposite of male. So you are now a woman according to the official female dictionary definition in Merriam-Webster. If you have a gender identity that is the opposite of male. This is crazy. They’re literally rewriting dictionary definitions of women so that men who decide they are women can identify as such.”

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