J.J. Watt Humbled In Embarrassing Fashion After Thinking He Could Play Pro Soccer

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J.J. Watt no longer thinks he has the goods to be a pro soccer player.

During an appearance on the “Men in Blazers” podcast, the Arizona Cardinals star defensive star told a funny story about believing he could play in the English Premier League as a goalie if he trained for a year.

It took a practice penalty shot from his wife Kealia, who plays for the Chicago Red Stars, to realize he was very wrong.

J.J. Watt thought he could play in the EPL. (Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

“The speed that that ball flew past my head, I immediately said, ‘I’ve been wrong in every capacity whatsoever,'” Watt explained.

Love the passion, love the confidence, love the excitement at the idea of being an EPL goalie but the execution clearly left a lot to be desired!

It took one penalty shot for Watt to recognize that he, obviously, could not just transfer to the EPL and play as a goalie.

J.J. Watt humbled after thinking he could play in the EPL. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

It’s a very different sport from football, and it’s an elite league. The EPL isn’t like walking down to the local recreation center jumping in a scrimmage.

Many of the best soccer players in the world are in the EPL. I’m not even a soccer guy, and I know that. How did Watt think he could just roll in and dominate?

J.J. Watt thought he could play pro soccer. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

On the other hand, that’s the confidence that has made him a terror for offensive lines and quarterbacks in the NFL. That confidence just won’t do anything for him in the world of soccer other than result in him getting embarrassed!

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  1. Ya think just maybe JJ was kidding … or at least just ribbing his wife and her soccer friends ?? There is nothing in JJ Watts’ past to say he is a egotistical jerk. … Steph Curry could not hit a Clayton Kershaw fast ball…. nor could Mike Trout ever return a Djokovic serve.
    Elite athletes are more skilled than regular Joes … but not as skilled as elite athletes in their own sports.

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