J.J. Watt Calls Out His Pregnant Wife’s Lack Of Gym Etiquette

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J.J. Watt thought it would be a good idea to call out his wife on Twitter over her lack of gym etiquette. The tweet asked his pregnant wife, professional soccer player Kealia Watt, to rack her weights when she was done working out.

The Cardinals star pass rusher added, “It’s called gym etiquette. Ever heard of it?”

The picture included in Watt’s tweet shows two 135 pound dumbbells sitting on the floor in front of an almost full dumbbell rack.

Watt is not messing around in his home gym

Watt realized that almost nobody in the comment section understood that his initial tweet was a joke. He followed it up making it clear that he was joking around with his wife, who is due to deliver a boy in October.

He said in his follow up tweet, “you’re such a badass that 90% of the people in these comments didn’t even realize this was a joke…”

If I had to take a guess at why people didn’t get the joke, I would say they didn’t realize the dumbbells were 135 pounds. Or if they did, they don’t realize how heavy that weight is, and a pregnant woman lugging them around seems unlikely.

Alabama already has their eye on Watt’s son

When I first saw the tweet I assumed it was their baby boy getting in a workout. He has the Watt DNA, after all, and that means he’s going to be a beast.

A Watt baby curling 135s from inside the womb; that seemed like a perfectly logical explanation to me. Until I remembered that J.J. had called out his wife and not his son.

I think if the baby left the weight on the floor, Watt would call him out. You have to teach gym etiquette to kids these days when they’re young.

Written by Sean Joseph

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