Jim Nantz Sticks Up For Shrinking Tony Romo, Calls ‘Intervention’ From CBS A Load of Fake News

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Not quite, Jim!

Former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has been riding a bumpy streak in the CBS analysts’ booth. As the highest-paid lead color analyst in TV history at the time of his deal in 2020, Romo was hyped up as a network lead.

But the result has been below average at best.

Nantz Sides With Failing Partner

With his stock in sharp decline, Romo is facing criticism from both viewers and even CBS execs, who reportedly staged an “intervention” with Romo ahead of last season.

One partner stepping up to defend Romo is booth companion Jim Nantz.

Though Nantz was reportedly irked throughout the NFL season over Romo’s consistently fatuous commentary, the celebrated play-by-play announcer defended Romo during an appearance on Sports Illustrated’s “SI Media With Jimmy Traina.”


Nantz referred Andrew Marchand and John Ourand’s report from February about CBS’ supposed intervention with Tony.

“I think there was a little bit of a misinformation attempt there to portray him in a not-so-favorable light,” Nantz said. “It was very disappointing. It really got, to me, more steam after the AFC Championship Game, which was our last game. And for the life of me, I didn’t understand it.”

Though Nantz is well aware that he’s been in the driver’s seat during this debacle as a beloved voice in sports, he made a point to stick up for Romo.

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Nantz said that calling Tony Romo a bad analyst is part of an “agenda.”

“Tony is the best,” he added. “He’s the absolute best. And he’s also one of my best friends. I love the guy. And when somebody starts questioning our chemistry, there’s an agenda there.

Agenda? If so, does it come with a membership card? …

CBS executives know how Romo’s gaffes and repetitive adages derail a game. And with the network slated to broadcast Super Bowl LVIII in 2024, they’ll want their return on investment by being able to confidently put out Romo and Nantz to call the game.

Nantz will show up, but will Romo?

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  1. How often in the 70+ years history of Live TV Sports have viewers made a Watch / Don’t Watch decision based on who the announcing team will be for the game? I appreciate that a certain faction of fans develop HATE for specific announcers for reasons that psychiatrists can ponder over … but to not watch Game A because “he” is doing that game ?????? Really?

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