Jim Nantz Tastefully Roasts LIV Golf And Its Broadcasting Slip Up During PGA Championship Telecast

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Jim Nantz is a classy gentleman that may not have a hurtful bone in his entire body, but that doesn’t mean he avoids making ever-so-subtle jokes during broadcasts. Nantz’s latest target was LIV Golf, specifically the Saudi-backed circuit’s ridiculous telecast blunder last week, while he was on the call for the PGA Championship.

In case you missed it this past weekend, Dustin Johnson, Cam Smith, and Branden Grace faced off in a playoff in LIV Golf’s tournament in Tulsa. Instead of showing the battle down the stretch, LIV’s broadcast partner, the CW network, cut away from the golf and began showing re-runs of syndicated shows and commercials in certain markets.

Viewers who wanted to watch the playoff had to switch over to the CW app to see how things finished up.

Johnson ended up winning the event, so when he made his way onto the tee at Oak Hill on Thursday, Nantz took it upon himself to take a little dig at the CW’s blunder.

The CW network cutting away from the exciting finish in Tulsa shouldn’t come as a surprise given recent updates from LIV Golf.

A LIV source recently confirmed that the circuit will no longer be reporting viewership ratings from U.S. broadcasts.

This is a surprising decision given that LIV’s chief media officer, Will Staeger, is on record saying that it would “certainly” be providing viewership numbers stating that ratings were “critical” to LIV’s plans.

LIV shared viewership numbers following its inaugural event this season back in March, but has very quietly stopped doing so, and stopped doing so by design.

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  1. Golf is golf, whether it’s the guys on the PGA, or LIV…they are still the best in the world. The broadcasts are not even close, naturally the PGA has been at it forever, and are top notch, whether it’s CBS, or NBC. The LIV golf broadcasts are not very good. And the CW network is a joke. Hopefully they’ll get a major network before long.

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