Wisconsin Coach Makes Troubling Comment About The Badgers

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Wisconsin coach Jim Leonhard revealed teams are tampering with his roster.

Prior to an incredibly tough 24-10 Saturday loss to Iowa, rumors started swirling that superstar running back Braelon Allen might be being targeted by the Michigan Wolverines. Allen denied the rumors, but it turns out tampering is definitely going on.

Without identifying any specific team, Leonhard told the media after the loss to Iowa that programs are definitely trying to poach his players.

Jim Leonhard needs to reveal the names of programs attempting to poach players.

There are many things frowned upon in college sports, but none might be frowned upon more than attempted poaching of players.

That’s an automatic way to cause huge problems. You simply don’t mess with players on rival rosters. Feel free to go after kids in the portal. You don’t go after players that aren’t attempting to transfer. It’s a scumbag move.

Will Braelon Allen leave the Badgers? (Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images)

If Wisconsin interim coach Jim Leonhard named some names, programs around the Big Ten might start to learn who is scummy and who isn’t.

Flame opponents if they want to engage in this behavior.

Teams are tampering with Wisconsin’s football roster. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

Wisconsin isn’t blameless in this situation.

Want to know why teams feel comfortable attempting to poach Wisconsin players? It’s not a mystery. As long as Jim Leonhard has the interim tag, teams will feel comfortable attempting to steal players. Rival coaches can claim the team is in a fluid and chaotic state.

Wisconsin is 5-5 after losing to Iowa. (Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images)

Any coach who makes that claim definitely isn’t wrong. That’s why Wisconsin needs to remove the interim tag from Jim Leonhard immediately.

The longer Leonhard coaches under the interim tag, the worse the tampering will get. He’s clearly the guy. Why are we waiting to make it official?

Wisconsin coach Jim Leonhard says teams are tampering with his roster. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

Stop tampering with Wisconsin players, name the programs doing it and remove the interim tag. That’s how the Badgers can solve this situation.

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