Jim Boeheim Gives Incredibly Arrogant Answer After Being Asked Totally Valid Question

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Jim Boeheim isn’t fond of reporters. More often than not, he talks down to them. And Monday night was no exception after Syracuse’s 67-62 loss to Virginia.

Benny Williams, who has averaged over 23 minutes per game this season, wasn’t available for the Orange on Monday night. A reporter asked Boeheim about Williams’ absence, also known as doing their job, and was scolded like a child by the 78-year-old head coach.

Boeheim didn’t like the question nor did he like the reporter’s “attitude.”

Boeheim has every right to be frustrated after his team’s third-straight loss, but making a condescending remark about the reporter’s perfectly valid question is ludicrous.


It’s eye-opening to see the oldest guy in the room act so childish, but Boeheim has made it a mission over the years to tell reporters how to do their jobs.

Boeheim is clearly seeing the writing on the wall that his team is on track to miss out on the NCAA Tournament for the second straight season. He’s predictably earned quite an ego over the years having led the program to the big dance in 10 of Syracuse’s last 12 eligible seasons. But that ego becomes much less tolerable when scalding reporters with your team sitting at 13-10 on the season.

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