Jets’ Hall Of Famer Doesn’t Want To See Team Trade For Aaron Rodgers Over Fear Of Him Ruining The Locker Room

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If Aaron Rodgers were to become a New York Jet, he would immediately become the best quarterback to play for the franchise since Joe Namath, at least on paper. With that in mind, the vast majority of Jets fans are on board with the idea, but one New York legend is completely against the idea.

Joe Klecko, who was recently elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, fears that adding Rodgers to a young Jets locker room could ruin what the team has already built together.

“I don’t think Rodgers is a fit with the young guys,” Klecko said on CBS’ ‘Zach Gelb Show’. “I relate this to myself with a young team that came up when we started winning. Why it was a good fit for all of us was because we all worked together and came up together.”

Packers reportedly "disgusted" with quarterback Aaron Rodgers. (Credit: Getty Images)
One Jets legend isn’t on board with Aaron Rodgers being traded to the Jets. (Credit: Getty Images)

Klecko was specifically asked if Rodgers could hurt the locker room, and he doubled down with his anti-Rodgers take.

“Absolutely. You got a young bunch of guys (who) are fighting with each other, and you bring a guy in who has his own opinion about things,” Klecko added. “I think that could turn a bad feeling in that locker room.”

While the Jets do have a lot of young talent on the roster, they were actually the ninth-oldest team in the NFL prior to the 2022 season opener.

On top of that, one could argue that a shakeup in the locker room is exactly what the Jets need. This is a team that won just seven games a year ago and hasn’t won a playoff game since 2010. Zach Wilson was 11 years old in 2010, just to put things in perspective.

Written by Mark Harris

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