Jets Refusing To Pay Green Bay’s Asking Price For Aaron Rodgers, Packers Won’t Budge: REPORT

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The Green Bay Packers and New York Jets are reportedly at an impasse when it comes to dealing Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers made it clear in March during an interview with Pat McAfee he wants to continue his NFL career with the Jets.

The proclamation sent shockwaves through the NFL world, but since then, there’s been very little public movement. In fact, there’s been virtually none. Outside of Jets GM Joe Douglas guaranteeing Rodgers will join the team, the public has seen very little to suggest a deal is near closing.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports shined a light on the situation, and it sounds like the two sides have reached a standoff over compensation.

“Green Bay is stuck in its asking price of a two this year, a straight shot one next year. So, no graduation schedule attached to it and they would be willing to do the 2025 some sort of a draft asset giveback if for some reason Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play in 2024. And, the Jets and Woody Johnson, specifically, they’re just not going to do it. That’s why this is sitting where it is,” Robinson reported during a Wednesday appearance on “Wilde & Tausch” on ESPN Milwaukee.

When will a trade for Aaron Rodgers get done?

If the Packers are simply demanding a second round pick and nothing else in the immediate draft in a couple weeks, a trade might not happen until the second round is underway or right after the first round is over.

That’s pretty much the timeline laid out by OutKick’s Armando Salguero in an excellent breakdown of the situation.

The deadline in that breakdown is April 28. That date is the start of round two. It would seem that’s now the date everyone should have circled.

Will the Jets trade for Aaron Roders? (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

However, none of this matters if the compensation the rest of the way can’t be agreed upon, which it’s starting to sound like might be the case.

If the Packers are dug into holding the franchise’s ground and the Jets won’t budge, then how will this all play out? It would appear that something would have to happen to break the standstill.

That could be tweaking compensation or it could be a trade not happening at all. If it’s the latter, prepare for absolute chaos in Green Bay. The team has been open about wanting to make a pivot to Jordan Love. If that doesn’t happen, what will the new plan be? Ride with a QB who doesn’t want to be there? Best of luck if that’s the case when it comes to handling Aaron Rodgers.

Jets/Packers trade for Aaron Rodgers reportedly is a standoff. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers’ future remains one of the biggest storylines in the NFL, and that won’t change until there is a final conclusion. Welcome to the funkiest time of the offseason for the NFL teams.

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