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Which events do I need to experience this summer?

There’s been some management restructuring at OutKick over the last month or so as the site made its full transition to becoming a Fox News Corporation entity and I’ve had some discussions with my new editor about getting out on the road to cover some of the stuff you guys think I need to experience and turn into content.

I was told to compile a list, we’ll analyze the list and figure out what makes sense for the OutKick community. This doesn’t mean going into a press box to sit there and watch a game. I’d rather sit in my basement.

I’m looking for unique events out there. I’m looking for things like the Wren, OH (pop. 194) Wiffleball tournament I’ve fallen in love with where they serve Busch Lights to thousands of fans who show up.

The more I think about it, the more I think the Savannah Bananas experience needs to be on the list. Tuesday, I wrote about the flaming bat that was used by a Bananas spin-off team in an exhibition game. This is just the right mix of sports, entertainment and absurdity that grabs my attention.

It’s why I’m into the Wren Wiffleball event. It’s Americans being Americans. It’s a group of people sitting around a table and coming up with ideas that turn into pure gold. That’s what I’m after. I want to see these creations come to life and in the wild.

For example, documenting the craziness of the NFL Draft experience in Vegas would’ve been a good one, but it’s too late at this point and it would cost me some preseason landscaping time, so it’s out.

Let’s come up with a list of ideas and have some fun here. Remember, this doesn’t have to be sports-related.


On the Put-In-Bay Two-Club Invitational

• Wednesday I received confirmation that Mig will be at the big July 9 event. As long as there aren’t cancellations, it’s starting to sound like we’ll have at least 3-4 Screencaps groups on the island. That might not sound like much at this point, but you have to remember how hard it is for guys to sell this to their wives. It’s quite an achievement for people to actually make it to the island.

Now I need to plan some sort of gathering for Friday night July 8 so we can all have beers/drinks and have a Screencaps summit.

The northern (right on the Canadian border) North Dakota golfers check in & they’re under a blizzard warning

• Grant H. in Crosby, ND writes:

Checking in from the NW North Dakota golf scene. We’ve basically been without snow for a month now, just been waiting for the ice off of the water and the weather to warm up. I’ve included a drought monitor picture, we’re in the far top left, we’ve been classified a severe drought or worse for a couple of years now and have experienced limited snow cover.

Starting tonight they’re calling for anywhere from 8 to 30 inches of snow around the area. We are hoping to get a big blast and slow down our start, because our farmers and ranchers could use the moisture more than we need to swing the sticks at this point. We’re ready for spring and golf season, but we’ll take anything we can get to help our main economic driver. Either way, the clubhouse will be open for draft night and the crew will be out in full force.

Cheers to the screencaps nation, hope you’re enjoying the garage beers, mowing, and all of the other projects you have going on. We hope to be shoveling snow tomorrow! Again, thanks for screencaps, a daily reminder of the real America as well as a reminder to enjoy life.


And just like that, I won’t be complaining when it’s 71 with a few rain showers around here today.

• Matt R. in Dickinson, ND got dumped on and needs a TNML ruling:

Can I get a ruling? Since most of my yard is under 4 ft snow drifts from what feels like the storm of the century, I may be going on the IR for a few weeks. The kids had a blast building a snow fort though!


Meanwhile, today it’s going to be 43 and partly sunny in Fairbanks, Alaska.

What are we calling people who are paying $1,100 for bottles of rum?

• They can’t be Bourbon Bros®, so I asked you guys to help me out on this one.

Jeremy P. in Alpharetta, GA writes:

Rum Runners. I think there is/was a bar in Destin with that name. It’s where my buddies and I spent many a night when we were training in Ft Walton Beach.

Jay J. writes:

The long name for rum is rumbullion, the meaning includes the word “noisy”.  So dudes chatting about their high-end rum are Rumbullion in their chats, or rumbullies for short.

On Mound Ball

• Jon H. writes:

Jeff M. must be related to Al Gore. We played Mound Ball at Riverfront Stadium in the 80’s. Unfortunately, you can’t play anymore because game balls are always thrown in the stands after the third out. Occasionally an ump will roll a ball out there, but they typically throw them to the next pitcher or give to the catcher to do so.

TNML stickers in the wild

• Charlie C. in Albuquerque writes:

Thanks for the TNML sticker. I’m a Michigander living in the desert of New Mexico. Albuquerque to be exact. Been reading Outkick since the pandemic.

I have grass in front and back. Do not like the Xeriscape. So I pay a premium on water.

Love your work. Hope to send in mowing updates this year. Just had the first round of fertilizer and weed killer.


It turns out I sent out somewhere around a dozen envelopes to the southwest — Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. I probably should’ve kept track of the states that received stickers, but I’m starting to think the southwest received more envelopes than Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa combined.

And with that, let’s get the day rolling. Don’t complain about the weather while our North Dakota readers are snowed in. Have a great day across this great country and keep those experience ideas rolling in.


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